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Ideal Weight... Any suggestions?

  1. 7inSRussia
    I was excited to see a group just for "petite" people (though I am usually just referred to as "short" :-) ).

    So, I would like to poll you all and see what you think about "ideal weight". I find different answers all over the internet and I don't want to have unrealistic goals, but Is also want to push myself when appropriate.

    I am on my third round and am getting down to the last 10 lbs. Have you all seen if those last pounds are more difficult with this diet, as it seems to be with other diets? I am only 4 days into VLCD and I want to prepare myself for lower losses if that is going to be the case.
  2. captncrunch
    Hey! I was happy to see a group for us petite gals as well. I'm 5"1.5 and my ideal weight supposedly is 118, my goal is 115. Also it seems to be the case that the closer you get to your goal weight the slower you lose, so it might take a little longer for the 10 pounds to drop, but you'll get there eventually.
  3. Smallclone
    Hi captncrunch and 7inSRussia, I'm a 5'2 and i also heard my ideal weight is 118 which is like 8st6lbs? which is also my target weight, hows the progress going girls?
  4. wallsie
    I looked at the BMI chart. since I have a lot to loose, I set my goal to get me from the obese to ok zone, barely.
  5. kelsey_nicole
    im 5"2 with a goal for 115! im only 18 pounds away!!
  6. daisy66
    I'm 5'2" and I'm going to shoot for a goal weight of 115lbs. I've been overweight for about 10 years now and looking back at my photos when I was 105-108 I just seemed too thin. So, I'm thinking somewhere between 115 & 120 will be good for me. I've got between 40 & 45 lbs to loose.
  7. NWNatureGrl
    I'm 5' 0" and probably my ideal would be around 110-115, but I'm shooting for 125 since that looks good on me too.

    I'm thinking slow steps, and if I want to slim down from 125, I can do it then.

    Glad to be part of this Group!
  8. Texasyaya
    I am 5'1". I will be happy at 125. At a certain you have to chose between the face and the @SS and I chose the face. But if I get close we shall see. At 153 today, I think 135 sounds like a new pair of jeans.
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