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Late April beginners

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  1. HelpLoseAJ
    I am wondering if anyone started this week. Weight has slowly crept up on me. No diet, exercise has worked. I am nervous and too anxious to hope.
  2. donnaleea
    Hi! I just started. Loaded sat/sun and today is VLCD1 (if I have that right). But I put on a lot second load day. Always makes me nervous. Round 3 for me but really "do-over" three for me. I seem to do this diet once a year to get the weight I put back on back off. I struggle with life time changes. Hoping this round I can keep it off forever!!! Looking for encouragement here. . Good luck to you. Is this your first time? I can help with any questions. You'll be blown away when it comes off! I did exercise, weight watchers, etx. Just can't make the weight move off. This worked AMAZING! I'm excited for you (and me too)!
  3. HelpLoseAJ
    Hi Donnaleea This is is my first time and I started with a lot of trepidation. Everytime I have a severe asthma attack, I am put on prednisone. With Prednisone I pack on weight. I get off the med but the weight refuses to leave me. I have starved myself for so long hoping to get the weight off but no luck. It was so hard to eat ice cream and chocolates. Day 1 I lost 1.2 lbs but day 2 of gouging I gained 1 lbs which scared me. Day 3 I lost 1.4 lbs. So far so good. However I have a headache and a very sore throat. Not wheezy no sign of cold just sore throat. Am keeping my fingers crossed that it would go away.
    Please keep at it, I think you are so BRAVE to keep trying. I will send positive thoughts your way. Hope you have a support system at home to help you.
    I am doing this while my husband is traveling as he is so against this Hope the change in me would be enough to change his tune. Have you noticed what your triggers are? Have you followed through completely?
    Again stick at it, we CAN do it together.
  4. donnaleea
    I was freaked when I did it the first time as I was nervous about what I was actually injecting into my body. I actually got my husband to do it with me (very surprising). He lost 30 lbs and I lost 22 the first round. When I went to see family and friends they were all sooooo shocked. My BFF insisted on what ever I did, she was doing exactly!! She did the same and lost an incredible amount of weight too. I only wanted to do it one time but it stays off as long as you can maintain healthy eating. It took a while to put back on, but we are what we eat. So if we are eating too much fat and junk, eventually it will come back on. This is not weight-gain proof. I will try to eat right and still fat just looks at me. This was the only diet in the world that actually has worked and takes fat off in places regular diets don't. I could fit into clothes I couldn't fit into in almost 10 years. It's insane. The loading days are sooo important. Too late to tell you that now. But it gets the "flow" going and it always comes off in 2-3 days. I gained 1 lb on day one load and 3.5lbs on day two! Crazy! After first day of VLCD (very low calorie diet), I already lost 4.6lbs., more than what I put on in both load days. I don't know how it works that way, but it does. Just trust the diet and follow the original protocol. Don't be worried if you don't understand all the "why's" just follow it. The loading helps jump start the diet. You may just have a slower start but it will still work out in the end. Also, I found the first 1-2 weeks at times very yucky, headaches, weak, etc. Many times I was told this can be normal as your body is detoxing from all the junk ( for me, soda, artificial sweetners, etc) and you can feel a little cruddy. Also got very constipated on this as well. I was advised to take Potassium and Magnesium (I got at Walmart) 1-3 pills 2-3x per day. Last round I just took one every day. It really helps. Also, Smooth Move tea helps with the constipation. How much weight are you trying to lose? I want to lose 24 lbs in a perfect world but would take 20lbs. My cousin has lost over 60lbs so far. It's just a crazy insane program that I am sooo pleased with. Just have to really mentally block out 6 weeks of regular eating. I am counting down each day. I have 4 kids so it gets hard with the food and snacks. Trying to make lifestyle changes this go around. Last time I did the diet I didn't follow 100%. I had this psychotic urge to eat a chip here and there, or a bit of this or that. It was sooo dumb. I only lost like 10 pounds when I should have lost 20. I have an eating problem I guess . I am going to follow this 100% and that is why I am on here for support. Last time I did it, was with no support nor planning. Be sure to really plan your weeks out for food. It's hard when you are starving and you don't know what you are making or have a quick dinner on standby. Especially when I am cooking for a family. I have to plan my social days out too to be prepared. I usually bring food or snacks (apple/orange). It helps to have this on hand so if you are hungry you eat on diet. Anyway, good luck and I will be your fan!!! You're husband will LOVE the new you!!!! I promise!
  5. HelpLoseAJ
    Hi Donnaleea Thanks for sharing. I want to lose 20 lbs. Before the steroids I weighed 94lbs and I am 5 feet tall. After my first dosage I gained 12lbs and I kept it. After that every post asthma I gained 4 or 5 lbs. I started really counting my calories and stayed under 1000 each day. I use an app called Lose It to track everything I put into my mouth. I also try to do 30 minutes of cardio 5 days a week. Yet I ballooned up to 132 lbs. I used to have milk and sugar with my tea (one cup) morning and another evening. Past six months I started taking green tea without milk and without sugar. Hence my trepidation if anything is going to work at all. I am excited and yet not sure if this will work completely for me. I have never been a snacker so I am not missing anything.
    I have also cleared my social calendar completely (that is tough as I love getting together with people and partying). I just don't want to share my diet secret - not right now.
    I am a good cook so I have plans on changing the recipes each day. I will definitely do the Smooth Move tea and the potassium and Magnesium. BM has always been a problem for me and my potassium is very low because of the steroids. Is the tea available in Walmart?
    I can understand how hard it can be with kids and keeping the snacks/junk food away. We dont have kids but my friend's kids and my neices drop home all the time so my pantry is stuffed with junk. However since I am never tempted with those things, I think I am fine My friends always find it very weird that I dont even try snacking. But chocolates chips etc make me feel overfull and hence my aversion. However my achilles heel is carbs - rice, wheat etc. I am from South india where rice is eaten in some shape or form all three times a day. When I started tracking my food intake I realized that 85% of my intake is carb.
    Question for you - what side effects do you experience? It seems quite a few people have complained of sore throat. Woke up with no headache. I am sleeping very intermittently, so was curious if you have experienced any side effects. Also on the diet side - I hate fish, so am trying to alternate chicken, beef and tofu. will do egg whites today. I can see myself hating chicken by the end of the diet - never was my favorite. Any tips on that?
    You are going to be my inspiration. I am so glad I have you in this journey. Your prior experience and success means a lot to me.
    Cannot wait for my husband to see me - I have such a bad body image that I refuse to wear body fitting clothes. And my husband so wants me to do that
  6. donnaleea
    Hi! I soooo wish I was not a snacker! I wouldn't tell many people about the diet and definitely not until you are done. There are so many that will give you your opinion, you just need positive reinforcement right now. If I went out, instead of wine or bear, I would have Peligrino with lime (sparkling water). It is served in a wine glass and has the same feel (minus the alcohol). I found it better for me to just not go, though many others may say, go. The carbs may be your downfall and after you do this diet, when you are able to go back on carbs it's so little at a time so you can see when it hits you in weight gain. The side effects I had was feeling lightheaded or weak, then I took those vitamins and felt better. That was it. My friend has some hair loss, but I didn't notice anything. I also didn't have a BM in quite some time. Not constipated, just didn't have to go. I usually don't go often as it is, but on this diet it gets really far in between. I got the SMooth Move tea at my grocery store. I also found Stevia drops helps (they have flavors) for coffee or water. You can buy all on line if you don't have a health food store near you. I never had a sore throat ever on the diet. I dolike fish but never really ate it on the diet. I did chicken, and made it buffalo style (spicy), or used Braggs Amino Acids (tastes like soy) and allowed on diet, I also make lettuce wraps with ground lean beaf or hamburgers with leaf lettuse used as the "bun", or taco seasoning and made a taco salad or use romain lettuce leaves as the "shell". There is also a sauce that is diet safe called Cholula Hot Sauce (has a wooden top and sold next to tabasco) and they have Chili Garlic or Chili Lime. That gives my food a kick which I like. Watch any of your seasonings so that it doesn't have sugar in it. Also, for salads, I use vinegar and sprinkle Stevia on it to take the bite off the vinegar. Also, when I would get my period, sometimes I felt weak, I would have one egg white in the morning. When does your husband come home? How long do you have before he sees you?
  7. HelpLoseAJ
    Husband gets back on Monday - he is out visiting his Mum in Toronto who underwent knee surgery yesterday. I am planning to go to Whole Foods on my way back from work today. Or else there is a CVS on the way as well. I sure will keep my diet under wraps . The hardest part for me is of course stopping the social life as I always meet out for coffees, lunches and of course my weekend meets. However like you said, I may just get the Pellegrino with lime. Have always taken it straight but may try the lime trick in a wine glass.
    I sure am going to cut my carbs moving forward. I too did the extra lean beef patty wrapped with lettuce for dinner yesterday. Is it true that beef could be a staller? The hot sauce and the chilli garlic is a great idea, thanks. I am not using any store bought sauces as I have tons of spices at home - love mixing and matching them. So yes I know for a fact that there is no sugar. Also have stopped wearing moisturizer for fear of oil. I use Clinique which I am pretty sure is oil free yet did not want to to take the risk. Throat still seems to be a problem. There have been some old posts that have complained of this. Hope it goes away.
  8. HelpLoseAJ
    How are you doing? How is your energy level? My energy level is fine and my throat seems better, however I am extremely nauseous. In fact I have barely eaten since yesterday. The very sight of food is unappealing. Plus I am keeping 14 hour days. Got the tea and the supplements - thanks for the advice.
  9. donnaleea
    Hi! The tea may help your throat. There are so many different kinds and if you go to Whole Foods you'll find different flavors or kinds you may like. I'm not a big tea drinker but sometime it was nice to have after I found one I liked. The social life is really tough. I had to cut it out for a week or two until I got in my groove. But I would go to starbux and get a cafe americano and bring my stevia drops to had an english toffee shot or a would get a splash of whole milk. If I had nothing on me, I would get that with splenda (worse case) as they only suggest Stevia. I just always keep packets on me. I got used to the coffee black. I also use sugarfree hazelnut int he morning. Just a small amount. This is NOT on diet, but it never seemed to impact my weight loss. You may not want to do that, not sure. In the afternoon, I always take my left over coffee in pot and throw it in blender with a splash of whole milk and then the stevia drops (I have vanilla, hazelnut, english toffee (best)). I also have stevia lemon drops. In the afternoon, I would take frozen strawberries, a little water, and the lemon drop and have a strawberry smoothie. Or take a clementine (or orange) and peel, put in blender, add vanilla stevia drops, a little ice/water, it would be like an orange julius. YUM! My husband would take that and freeze it first, like a sorbet. For lunch, I would get a salad with mixed greens, or worse case it just had iceburg, I would get all veggies on protocol (tomatoes, onions, cucumbers) -it wasn't very much. Protocol says don't combine veggies, but I sometimes do, very limited for just salads, and it really helps me stay on diet and doesn't seem to impact my weight loss for me. I then use just plain vinegar and little sprinkle stevia on it (or slenda if I don't have any) and S&P. I then get it with grilled chk or top sirloin. The meat is usually juicy so it helps the salad. I don't do anything else. I usually always bring an apple with me in my purse as a fill in if I am out. What weekend meets do you have? I haven't found beef to be a staller, but some say they have. The two sauces, and the braggs amino acids, I mention are only good because they are liquid (have NO sugar) so on my lettuce wraps with the ground beef or other items. I use the Braggs on almost all my meat. It is like a soy sauce and I add spices, so I have a good liquid base on some of my meals. I never did the moisterizer either to extreme, but tried to watch on the suntan oil, body lotion, etc. I live in florida so the suntan stuff was really tough to do with out. Just made do. I am doing good. I am a CPA and am very busy this time of year so I really have been able to refocus my attention off food, so I've been good. You have to be really careful about not getting your meals in. Maybe just do egg whites for protien if you have to, or I always make extra chicken and portion it out to have on hand, eat your fruit too. You will get weak if you don't eat the 500 calories and the diet could be unhealthy at that point. I haven't been nauseous on this round but have in the second round. Not sure, the vitamins really helped and by the middle of the second week, I really felt back to normal. Maybe has to do with detox? We are suppose to go to dinner with another couple this weekend, I dont' want to go! ha! I just said then I can't drink and can't eat. BORING! I will eat, but in normal restaurants, they can good without oil/butter, etc. I would get grilled chk or beef, side asparagus or spinach with no sauce/butter or a salad. There is one fav place that I get grilled fish (I know yuck to you) in a wasabi based seasoning, over spinach and then instead of the noodles or rice, I just get more spinach. It's probably not 100% perfect but it allows me to go out, stay on diet. And then a bottle of pelligrino helps. Keep fruit on hand too. How has your weight loss been? I gain 4.2 pounds on load, but lost 7.3 pounds already after only 3days of VLCD. The 4.2 pounds from load is an easy fix to get off so it really doesn't count. So I am a net 3.1 pounds which is right on for 3 days. Also drink water water water. I am not a big water drinking but I just make myself. Room temp is better to drink more. Anyway, good luck! Let me know how you're doing!
  10. HelpLoseAJ
    Hi Donnaleea You are a God send to me. So you are a bean counter too, amazing. I have a CPA and MBA as well. However a year ago I moved from Finance to Marketing. Better pay The company I work for is going through a transformation and hence everything is up in the air and exhaustive work schedule. So far so good on weight front, I am losing 1 lb a day. I had never managed that even with a trainer and a nutritionist. Every morning I step on the scale with a dread that maybe the weight loss would not continue. I get cramps (Prednisone depletes your body of calcium and potassium), yesterday my hands and feet started twisting. Can I take calcium supplements? We had taken an assignment in UK for 3 years (came back to California last year) and I really developed a taste for Pellegrino, so yes I am on that. How do you weigh the chicken wings? You said you made them buffalo style - with bones? The smoothie and slushie idea is great, I am going to do that today. Do you have problems sleeping? I am a very poor sleeper but once in a while I would take some OTC help. I am reluctant to try any of that as I do not want my metobolism to slow down See how catious I am being.
    I have stopped wearing moisturizers and stayed away from all oil based make up. Do you also measure yourself? So far I have not. Nor did I take a picture of myself before I started. I tell myself I will know when my clothes get loose on me.
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