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Late April beginners

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  1. donnaleea
    Ha how funny! Yes I am a CPA and have my Master's in Accounting. I actually do some accounting work on side and my husband and I just bought my dad's business so we are busy getting things "our" way. I have 4 daughters in age from 4 - 11. Crazy! Oh and I home school two days a week in between the chaos! Crazy lifestyle. Sometimes it's good because I am so busy I don't worry about food. But then I am home all day and kids are snacking so I want to snack too. Maybe taking the supplements will help? Oh I don't do the chicken wings, just chicken breast. I take chk tenerloins and cook them in a pan to brown a little and use that chili sauce. It works. Not near as good as real chicken wings but it helps. Also, I don't have a problem sleeping if you exclude that my 4 yr old wakes me up at night. I went cold turkey on all the oil stuff too, I think it helps. I actually am using an excel file to track everything and I did do my measurements for the first time ever. It really helps to see. I got the chart on here or I can email it to you if it helps. As an fellow analytical number cruncher, you will probably like it. I would still do your measurements. Many people are so surprised at how many inches they lose and where those inches are. Another pound today. Still think this diet is crazy!!!! What does hubby say today?
  2. HelpLoseAJ
    You have so much going, you are one brave girl. Hats off to you my friend. And I thought my life was nuts.
    I gained 1/2 lb today and I was so depressed, and then I realized what I had done wrong. Last night I wanted to spice things up with tomato and like a moron used tomato paste. I am so bummed. Today I was so super careful, hope I see a decline tomorrow.
    Yes excel spreadsheet was the first thing I did too
    Husband is coming back tomorrow, I am wondering if he can observe the change ( he is a scientist - very absent minded)
    Thanks to your help, yes the vitamins are helping. How long is this round for you? Does it get easier as you go along? I am not hungry as much as I am disgusted with food. I so want my rice - I could kill for it. Work is busy so I am spending more than 12 hours in the office so that is good.
    It has been so hot here, supposed to cool down this week. Hope so.
    Hope you are having a great weekend.
  3. donnaleea
    Well I"m a busy girl anyway, just having kids makes it busier! I stalled for two days. So frustrating! I didn't even eat dinner one night because it was late and I wasnt hungry and then the next night I made myself eat but it was like 10pm I'm sure that doesn't help but then I think I know I am staying on diet so I just keep going another day. Also, because I am not "regular" (you shouldn't go a week without going), I know that all the food I am eating is just sitting there and has to weigh something. I usually am excited when I "go" because it should help a little on the scale! lol Hope things went well with your husband. When people ask about the diet, I say I'm like on a "cleanse" right now and that is very healthy so what can they say? I would like to stay on this full circle all the way until I hit the 40 day but my goal right now is to be 100% thru end of May. My husbands birthday is the 28th and I was thinking of being off by then. But I will decide then. I lost just under 7 pounds so far, (6.8 to be exact). I'm sure it's good I just want it to go faster! 20 more days until his bday and I want to lose 14 more pounds. So, not sure I"ll make it. I had stalls throughout the diet, though my husband never did. And if you cheat, it can add like a few days to get your body back in the grove, it's frustrating. and if you get your period on it, it puts you in a stall, but some still lose. Who knows. Just pick your end date and stick with it. Sometimes it can be frustrating weighing daily but then it keeps me focused one day at a time. Anyway, keep me posted on how you're doing. There is one kind of tomato sauce that doesn't add sugar (may be huntz or something) just look at ingredients. Yes, usually paste has sugar. But look. Keep in mind, tomatoes may add 2g of sugar on can but that is ok, it's the "added" sugar they put in some. When I went off diet, I also learned that DUkes mayo is the only one that doesn't add sugar. ANd at the health food store, there is a ketchep called Schumman's that is regular or spicy that doesn't have sugar. So when I make a burger, I use ketchup/mustard and it's all ok since no sugar. I also found a natural salsa in the produce isle at our grocery store that has all "protocol" ingredients. It's awesome and spicy. I use that all the time. I will use celery or melba toast as a chip, to dip. If you use melba, you only get one so use a lot of salsa on a little bite . I also made a taco seasoning that is awesome. i I put that on chicken or steak strips and make taco meat, (or ground beef), top it over big bowl of lettuce and then a big scoop of the salsa, Dont' need to add anything else. Or I use a rotisserie chicken from grocery and shred some chk on salad and top with a scoop of salsa. Awesome! I get tired of vinegar!! Anyway, hope that helps! Have a good one!
  4. HelpLoseAJ
    Hope you are doing great. I just got back from my UK trip - you know what I still managed to keep true to my diet. I have so far lost 11 lbs and I was planning on a 23 day cycle. Hence today AM I took my last drops. My sin could be that I eat too little. Normally my BM is very far and between (once every 10 days) and now of course it is a different ball game. I take the tea twice a week, my stomach rumbles a lot but nothing. I am declaring the 11 lbs loss a success as nothing else had worked before. I also realized I needed to keep changing my protein and the fact I could not stand chicken was quite bad. I stayed at my friend's place so I could weigh and cook the food. My husband has been quite nervous about my diet as I have severe asthma and I take too many medications. He has been happy with my weight as I look very muscled and except for my stomach did not show the weight. My sore throats, my chills etc have disappeared however I have sweats and cramps now. My sleeping is pretty erratic, it gets worse when I travel. I had a hysterectomy last year but I do have my ovaries. I wanted t avoid early menopause my clothes are hanging loose on me but not so much that I would have to buy new ones
    How are you doing? How much more have you lost? Any tips on P3? What are your plans for the weekend?
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