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  1. dbonita
    I just joined the forum and wanted to say hello! This is my second time on hcg, the first time I only lasted 3 weeks, and I'm definitely ready to do it right this time around.
  2. angelmimosa
    Hi there I just joined too. I am 5/3 is that still considered to be petite?
  3. AudreyJo
    This is my first round and I'm on day four! I'm only 5'0" so any weight on me looks like alot more :/
  4. simplygorgeous
    5'-2" here and always wearing heels because I can't seem to find clothes that fit right in the petite section. Does anyone else have that problem?
  5. Elmira Flame Akama
    Elmira Flame Akama
    Hellllooo to all my petite pals! Just ordered my ovidac from ADC ... I am sooo excited! I've been in P1 for about a year ... so you know I am ready for P2 FINALLY!
  6. Kansas
    I"m new. P1D1 was February 18th.
    Lots of adjustments on my sublingual drops but, think I have it right now.
    I'm Vegan but researched TONS before joining so.
    Lost weight every day accept one(or load days)
    Not hungry all day until I have lunch , at 6 p.m. cuz other wise I'd be hungry?? Weird When I do get hungry right away after lunch I have hot water, salt, pepper, garlic and onion pwdr and cayenne pepper. Hunger goes away for hours.
    I'm 5'1 3/4" , 45 yrs olde and an organic farmer.
    My first time on this diet but I've been dieting all my life so it really wasnt that big of a stretch for me, except for P2D1.
    Is anyone stopping drops on period, I read alot and the consensus was no, so I'm not going to
    Also, usually my cramps are severe, I intend to take IBU during period ...think there is sugar in the coating. Any other ideas?
    Good luck
  7. kat2501
    Hi everyone!! Glad to see this group is still a little active. P1D1 was Feb 18 and I am doing the injections. I am 5'1.5" and very glad to see there are others like me doing this thing. Good luck everyone!
  8. nohalohere
    Hello all this is my second time on HCG Diet. However the first time went great i went from 180 lbs to 129 lbs in a record 9 weeks .. However i regained the weight in about 3 years. I went to Rome with the military and then to Japan . Shall i say i regained most of ti back . So this time i am redoing it as i am retiring and well i am in full Menopause as well . I had some bad issue's this first week but i will post it in a different area in this group since i see this is for the welcome to the group posting area.
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