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  1. nohalohere
    OK i am aware of the eating and the habits of being on a HCG diet. My issue started last week when i restarted HCG after 3 years and being at 129 lbs. I had lost the weight previously from 180 to 129 lb in a record time of 9 weeks. I regained the weight due to being in Rome and Japan . When i returned this year i realized i needed a big change as i was having issue's with the running and the keeping up with my 6 foot 4 inch son who is 16 teen . I had to get in the right frame of mind. So i went to the HCG clinic in Tacoma . I purchased the HCG liquid 4000 IU's ,and mct oil however i did not buy the HCG shakes they have . My load days were Monday 6th and Tuesday 7th and therefore i started the Regime on Wednesday . I did the 3 ozs. of meat and one veggie and apple at lunch and plenty of water and tea. Green Tea .I noticed by Thursday i had Diarrhea and nausea. Friday it was worse . I also had only lost one pound and then regained two pounds. So i looked at my food my entire week i had just had. I had eaten correctly and then i had to look at my activities. I had built a flower bed Thursday then Friday i had exercised 30 minutes and burned 150 calories and then Saturday i exercised 1 hour burned 220 calories. Doing these days i had fatigue and muscle s were hurting . Both days i had gotten up extremity dizzy .I thought maybe it was the exercising Since i work with the FD closely i had my meds checked. I found out they had ordered the HCG with B 12 . I had asked them not to put B 12 in the HCG as i have perfect b 12 and i have it checked weekly on this diet. OK so i know HCG is clear , but i had asked them on Monday when i mixed it why it was pink they said a new supplier. BS ...... So when i went into the clinic i told them i told you that i cant have b 12 added it does bad things to my body . They went ahead and reordered my meds again this time only HCG . I also went ahead and bought 2 containers of the Shakes as well and stevia for my coffee and my water.,
    However here is my big question. How do i re begin this regime if i have to stop using this medicine now and then Begin when i receive them most likely next Monday 20th . . They told me they are ordering me the 5000 iu bottle and to add 5 to it and then only use to the last of my 28 days which would be only two weeks after remixing it .I only inject 15 Seems to me a big waist exp now if i cant use the other injections. Along with menopause this has not been a fun go around . Somehow however i went down a pant size in my waist . i figure it was from the emptying of my intestines. GRRR just ready to loose this weight once and for all. any suggestions???
  2. nohalohere
    I also want to add the dose of HCG i was given was 4000 ius. Weird i had never seen it in that size before and they had me dose it with 4 water to it. This time they are giving me 5000 ius and not sure how much water to add to it this time. I take 125 which is 15 on the syringe . I wish i could take the tabs they sell but i did not do well on them the last time as in weight wise.
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