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So how tall are you? And how many pounds is a pants size for you?

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  1. susanbaz
    Also, I am wondering if anyone else here watches calories on P3/P4 to maintain?

    Sometimes I read how MUCH food people eat to maintain and I know I could NEVER maintain eating so many calories. I attribute it to being small and having a slower metabolism....
  2. Qwinne
    I am 5'1" with small bones and at 205.6 pounds am still in a (loose) size 18. It is damn near impossible at my weight and height combination to find clothes that actually fit me the way they are supposed to, fit within my budget, and aren't ugly as can be. I can't weight until I can shop in the regular petite section again...
  3. fivetwoandahalf
    Three of my friends and I have done the HCG program--it's a rather contagious sort of diet when you see your friends' results!!
    We are all different body types and ages. Our maintenance approaches and results are also very different. Hopefully, our results will be helpful!

    Am listing by most disciplined to least...
    Friend A: 5'4.5. 35yrs. Hourglass. Lost approx 40lbs via 3 rounds of medically supervised hcg injection program. Dress size 2. Keeps weight off by not exceeding a 2lb flux. Mainly sticks to an HCG approved food list and protocol. Aims at a 1200-1600 cal day comprised of 6 hcg vlc meals + protein bar. Allows herself splurges but is very good about returning to lean proteins and lots of fruits/veggies. Keeps up with her weekly "slim shot"; takes measurements regularly; weighs-in bi-weekly; gets professional body test every 4-6wks. Very disciplined and successful at maintenance!

    Friend B: 5'10. 40yrs. Inverted Triangle--broad shoulders, slim legs. Former model. Lost approx 35lbs via injections without medical supervision. Appears to me that she continues to lose weight, but also has a wider window of fluxing up and down. Keeps to a mainly HCG approved food list as well as portion size.

    Friend Me: 5'2.5. 33yrs. Stocky Pear--very short, muscular legs. Lost approx 15lbs via medically supervised hcg injection program. Dress sz 0-2. Have 0 will power. Have gone up to 117 and down to 105 during maintenance. When I eat without regard, my weight returns to high teens within a few short days. When I eat more closely to the original protocol, I lose the extra lbs.

    Friend D: 5'5. 40+yrs. Apple. Lost <8lbs via medically supervised hcg injection program. Dress sz 6. Thinking she may have gained back the losses since she didn't follow protocol for P2/P3/P4. Then again, we don't know for sure on her progress because she doesn't own a scale.
    While she may be the least successful on the hcg diet weight loss protocol and maintenance, in my opinion, she's the healthiest of the four of us. Her outlook on the day is not determined by a number. She enjoys herself wherever she goes. When she's invited to an event with food, her first thought is not, "How do I manage this? What do I need to do to make this work without gaining?" or "How do I get out of this commitment so that I don't have to waste my calories..." She's healthy. She's happy.
  4. 7inSRussia
    fivetwoandahalf, I have to ask because I am having the hardest time evaluating what my ideal weight should be...

    I am your exact same height and I am finally below 120 and I feel pretty close to goal. I just don't know how you can call yourself "stocky pear" when the weight I am now is your high weight. I assume you are small boned and just being hard on yourself. What weight do you consider your healthiest and most maintainable? I am trying to have a healthy goal and not obsess while not quitting too soon.

    I would appreciate your feedback. Thanks!
  5. fivetwoandahalf
    Hi 7inSRussia,

    As far as maintenance goes, if I want to stay at 105-107lbs, I have to be uber vigilant and keep to a *very* restricted diet (basically a modified P2 VLCD.) The most maintainable weight appears to be, approx 110lbs.

    As far as MY ideal weight... We all carry weight differently and unfortunately, I carry all of my extra weight in my calves and thighs. My nickname was once "Pop-eye Legs."
    When I was 124lbs, I was a size 2 on top, while the bottom of me was a size 30 or size 8.
    At 108-110lbs (my ideal), I am a size 0 on top and a size 0/2 on bottom. I am much more proportional at my "ideal" weight.

    That being said, you are right--I am my toughest and worst critic... but I see myself naked. hahahahaha Joking aside, from what I've seen with myself and others, it's important to keep yourself in-check. It's easy to go over-board with this (or any other strict) diet. This program requires a lot of focus (measuring, weighing, monitoring, paying attention to all the details), and it's easy to get swept-up and slip into obsession. You can be so intent on "the number" that you stop asking yourself what's healthy. Truthfully, sometimes I do get obsessive. . . this is usually after several days of going overboard. But, it's much easier to recognize the problem than actually fix it. So, my advice: Don't go overboard. Use the diet to help you set a healthier standard for living and isolate those foods/beverages/choices that don't work for you. For example, after doing this program, I learned that my tummy aches went away if I didn't eat cheese--especially, my favorite melted, ooey-gooey variations. I also discovered that when I drink too much alcohol or take-in too much sodium, my skin breaks out and two days later, I gain weight.

    Hope this is helpful
  6. 7inSRussia
    I really appreciate your response. I have been 20 pounds overweight for so long that I really don't know what to expect with this new size. Though I am pretty much proportioned all around, I still feel like I have saddlebags. I am hoping exercise in P3 will help me out. I honestly can't imagine being 110... I think I weighed that back in 6th grade... maybe!
    So, this is my next question... (I have been dying to find someone to ask) What does a person like you do when you are in a size 0 at 110 and then lose weight?! What is after 0? Jrs Department? Sizes are so funny. My 4s are falling off of me and I tried on a skirt from the early 90's and it fit just right in the waist... it was a size 8! It is all just numbers, right? I live in Russia and get my clothes from the States, so I will have to make the 4s work for a little longer...
  7. fivetwoandahalf
    You live in Russia? www is amazing, isn't it?

    As far as shopping goes: So far, there appears to be enough ppl smaller than me to justify sizes smaller than I need. Sometimes I wonder how these ***s, 00, 24's keep from snapping in half. I picture them trying on these impossibly skinny jeans, toppling over in the dressing room and breaking. . . "A little help here? I seem to have cracked a few limbs... again."

    As you've already discovered, your old clothes will not fit your new body. Presently, there's a little room in my size 25 Hudson and my size 25 skinny Paige are loose--which is mind-blowing. I wasn't that small even in high school! I've spent a fortune on seamstresses and have been busy taking too-big clothes to consignment and slowly rebuilding my wardrobe.

    I hope you don't mind my sharing, but I have to tell you that my first shopping trip for the new-me was monumental. I timidly fingered through the dresses. Bypassing the 6's, skimming over the 4's and lingering and wondering at the 2s. My heart skipped a beat when I finally found the most gorgeous DVF uber-sexy fitted dress! It was perfect!! Sadly, it was the last one and it was *sigh* a size 0. To make it worse, when I asked the shopgirl if the dress ran true to size, she sucked in her breath and said, "ooooh, that dress runs really small." And then, the most incredible thing happened. She looked at me. All the doubts of her initial air-suck melted away. Her furrowed brow lightened into strawberries and whip cream commission mode. She took the dress from my hands, read the label and promptly said, "oh ya, you'll be fine!"
    While I mentally prepared myself for disappointment, she lead me to the dressing room. It felt a bit like deadman walking. I told myself to not get attached to the dress. I knew I was not going to do the dress any justice. While it might "fit", it was not going to fit properly. I'd most likely look like an overstuffed sausage. Visions of a screaming and horrified Diane von Furstenberg flashed before my eyes. Deep breath. Wiggle wiggle. WHHHHAAAAA?!!!! It not only fit, it slipped on like a glove. It was stunning. It was a conspiracy! It was mislabeled! Lucky me!! It's taken me several shopping trips to realize that either everything I've tried on has been mislabeled, or it's true: the new me is truly a dress size 0.

    BTW.. I don't know if it's very "sound of mind", but I am a bit tickled that I can fit into kids clothing. While I haven't yet pulled the purchase trigger, I have successfully tried on girls' clothing... and the length also fits much better.

    P.S. I don't know where in Russia you are, but if you're on the Eastern Euro side, have you considered purchasing clothes from Italy? Their sizes tend to run smaller, and you can find some really terrific fashion forward looks!
  8. fivetwoandahalf
    BTW -- saddlebags? Sounds like you're a tough self-critic too.
  9. 7inSRussia
    You crack me up! That had to be so rewarding to buy that dress... you did buy it, didn't you? I can't wait for a moment like that, but with 5 kids living in Russia, my larger is problem would be having an occasion to wear such a dress :-D Speaking of kids clothes... my sister is not even 5 foot and she used to work at Gap Kids and buy stuff for herself all the time. I am seriously considering raiding my 12 year old's closet since I am now getting too small for my 14 year old's clothes!

    Yes, we are on the West side of Russia, right by the Black Sea, but it is VERY far from Italy, unfortunately. These Eastern borders are not that easy to cross, not to mention the pathetic "highway" systems! Italy is a three day drive or a $600 plane ticket.

    You really have encouraged me, fivetwoandahalf, and given me perspective! I really appreciate it. --- Christine
  10. fivetwoandahalf

    Wow! 5 kids!!! living in Russia and "getting too small for my 14 year old's clothes"!!!! WOW!! WHOA!!!!!! WOW!!!!!!!!!!
    How in the world did you have 5 kids and manage to a.) stay so petite, and b.) not end up certifiable? I have 2 boys and sometimes feel completely on the verge of nutty.

    Realize this is off diet topic, but how did you end up in Russia?

    Also, yes--I definitely bought the dress! And I have worn it over and over, and over again. In fact, I've worn it out so often that my imaginary Diane von F pops up whenever I reach for its hanger... "Look dear, I appreciate that you enjoy my dress so much, but even I'm over it!" Sigh. Retract hand. "But Frau Furstenberg, nothing else really fits." And then my inner (although not very deeply hidden) shopaholic self-conscious takes the cue. Unleashed and armed with reason, rationale and a mental manifestation of Diane von Furstenberg leading the shopping campaign, I am powerless. I am shopping. I am returning home with bags of goodies. I am re-stocking my closet. Diane is proud of me. Which is good since I'm rather certain my husband will not share her feelings of satisfaction at efforts well spent. He'll only see what's been spent. Shoot. Guilt. Darn you Diane! Darn you shopaholic self! "Don't worry Frau Furstenberg, I'm tight with her other self-conscious selves.. She's not really upset. Actually, she's giddy-thrilled!" Ah. So there it is. It's true. I am really thrilled!!!!!
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