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So how tall are you? And how many pounds is a pants size for you?

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  1. daisy66
    I love that they made a group for us veritically challenged people! I'm 5'2" and starting at 161.4. Completed my first Load Day and lost 1.6 lbs. Not quite sure what to think about that as I was eating macaroni with tons of butter, cookies, fettecini with cream sauce, and an alcoholic beverage before dinner. I'm kind of wondering what tomorrow's weigh in will bring as I am trying to stuff myself a little more today. Wednesday (tomorrow) I will start my VLCD - I'm a little nervous with a husband and two teenagers in sports. They require so much food!
  2. SoTy20510
    So I started P3 this week & decided to go shopping today & try on some clothes bc mine are entirely too big (yippeeeee) so I've gone from a 12/14 to a 8/10! I was @ 170 when I started HCG, I am now 146! I love HCG!
  3. LisaF
    Hi Everyone! I am new to the group. I am starting my first round tomorrow. Loading Thursday and Friday, then VLCD on Saturday. I am 5' 1" and 180 lbs. I carry just about all of the extra weight around my waist so shopping is extremely difficult. I am busting out of my size 16 pants. It is so time to do something about this and I am really encouraged by reading about everyone's successes with hcg.
  4. nohalohere
    I am 5 foot even. 164 lbs. Pants size now... 9 however i am usually in a size 2 .
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