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Feeling Frustrated

  1. THurst
    I have been on HCG now for about 30 days and I am down 17 pounds. The first week I lost 8 pounds the following couple weeks I lost between 5-4 pounds a week. The last two weeks I have only lost about 3 pounds all together. Every time I go for a weight in (twice a week) I am only down .5 to 1 pound. I have been told I am working out too much or too little, I could be eating too much or too little, I should eat more white fish, I should cut my fruits..... I have adjusted all of these and still the weight loss is just slowly creeping along. Has this happened to anyone else? And if so, does anyone have any advice to get my metabolism rolling again? I only have about 8 more days to complete phase two so I am feeling desperate!
  2. KAY34
    I have the same problem . I've been at the same weight for a week and half .Please help . I only have 3 more injec to go.
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