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Food boredom

  1. LPVegas
    Hi, do you have any ideas for recipes to make? I am 2 weeks in now and tired of the same thing and dream of eating something new and tasty. I've not cheated, but it is hard!
  2. Lexilou
    No to be honest I'm in the same boat. Craving something tasty and don't have a lot of time to prepare food some its same same each day. Boring ! I too haven't cheated but I'm on day 9 P2 and last 3 days haven't lost a thing. I got TOM a few days ago so I'm putting it down to that...
  3. LCM312
    Hi all, I'm here looking for some dieting support. I started HCG injections on 10/13. So far, as weighed in today, I have lost 7 pounds. I want to cheat every second of every day. And I have a little here and there. Tuesday - Friday I stalled in weight, and it was very frustrating. I thought about quitting until I weighed in today. By the way, have you looked at the HCG 2.0 protocol? I bought the book on Amazon for less that $5, delivered to my kindle account. I think it seems much more sustainable. Besides, Dr. Simeon's original protocol is from the 50's, I think available food choices have definitely changed since then! Anyway, I am eating more calories from meat, and unlimited vegetables. But you don't eat fruit. It's very comparable to paleo dieting. I am consuming more calories on 2.0, closer to 650 per day from meat alone. From what I have read, many people see the same results. Just wondering if you looked into in, or what you think of it?
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