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Homemade stewed (kind of ) tomatoes?

  1. la aura
    la aura
    I'm hoping that tomatoes cooked down would be ok to use as your vegetable? I have many tomatoes left from my garden and I could cook them down and add some dry herbs/spices and make like a marinara/stewed tomato dish.
    Also the same with my Fuji apples. I have an abundance but because I do not "spray" many of them are wormy. I'm thinking of taking a regular sized non wormy one and cooking it down with cinnamon and stevia and then measuring it out. Say it makes 1/2 a cup of sauce. Would it be ok to cook up a bunch, portion it out and then be able to substitute this for your apple(s) for the day?
    It's been 2 years since my last round, with drops, and I'm excited to do this again! I'm on day one of loading.....
    Thanks for any help/suggestions. I'm new to posting on a 'site' and hope this all makes sense.
    thanks again,
    La aura
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