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Gonna try this in November!

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  1. bleshaun
    I am planning to go on a cruise, the last week of December, so I wanted to do a long round and a short round beforehand. Now I am only going to do a long round, I was supposed to start the HCG diet in October but my order has been stuck in Customs since the beginning of October. Well, good news, is that my order was just reshipped, express free of charge, so I am hoping that the shipment will not get stuck in customs.

    I am going to start the detox part of it over the weekend to jumpstart it all and hopefully when I am ready to start loading, my shipment will be here.

    Fingers Crossed!
  2. bleshaun
    My original package cleared customs today after several weeks, I really am pretty excited! I am going to start my detox over the weekend and Loading for a long round on October 28th and I will be done December 10th. Pretty Good timing because I have a huge Christmas party to go to the 16th and this cruise and my birthday a week after that.
  3. bleshaun
    I'm pretty excited! My package arrived today, I started detoxing this morning, will do that for two day and I will start loading on Sunday! I really hope this works. I really need to shed these pounds. I will be starting on a long round 43 days. Yawl wish me luck!
  4. bleshaun
    Today was my first HCG injection day!

    I already lost 5.3lbs with the detox Friday and Saturday and now its time to load it on!!!! My friend and i are going to B. Smith's brunch in about an hour and i am going to pig out, gotta load properly

    Happy Weight Loss-ing!
  5. bleshaun
    First day, while loading, I lost 3.7lbs on HCG... I'm not sure if it has to do with my detox or if its because I also inject Vitamaster (B-12 Lipo). Kinda happy with results so far!!
  6. MACwifey
    that's awesome. what did you use to detox? i just ordered drops today. i hope to have them by friday so i can load on saturday and sunday.
  7. bleshaun
    The same thing I used when I had my surgery in August what the doctor gave me.

    Magnesium Citrate, 4 total over 2 days! I started when I woke on Friday had another for lunch time and the same on Saturday. And no solid foods... So I ate like sugar free Jello, broth etc. Works perfectly for me! I saw how it worked then so, I had to give it a shot this time. And I promise you it will flush you out and remove everything from your system.
  8. bleshaun
    Im pretty Stoked, I have oficially lost 10.9lbs since Friday! 'Nuf Said!
  9. bleshaun
    Today has been an ok day! I am down .7lbs today, I am very excited about that. I am not hungry at ALL, which is absolutely fabulous! But, I have that kinda stuffed up feeling from my Loading Days! I felt it yesterday as well!

    I got some great advice from some ladies on the forum to DO 1) A Detox Bath, which is basically Epson Salt in as hot of water you can stand. 2) Coffee! it Acts as a diuretic. Although I am off the sauce really... I do have some decaf that I have brewed and drinking. 3) My old fateful... Magnesium Citrate, I love this stuff and I know it will work, but didn't take because I was told it was not protocol, but someone else told me it was fine. 4) Other Suggestions was the tea that everyone is raving over and I don't have... I have some Asian dieters tea that I know works wonders. But I will try the first three items and then go from there.

    Hopefully I will be fine after the three... I am drinking the coffee, Epson Salt is at home and ready to go, and I just have to go across the street to pick up the MagCitrate.

    Happy Weight Loss-ing Everyone!

  10. bleshaun
    SO I am down again today another .8lbs, yaaaay! I did not do a B-12 Lipo injection, doing a little test to see if its working with the HCG injection or not, I wana see what my results will be tomorrow. Hopefully it will be over a solid pound.

    So, My total weight loss is 13.8lbs for seven days, this includes Phase 1 Detox for 2 days and Phase 2 Loading and VLCD -- So 5 days of HCG injections!

    Tell me your story on in the introduction thread of this new group!

    Happy Weight-lossing!
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