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  1. Sparkle Barbie
    Sparkle Barbie
    Anyone starting first load day today?
  2. kat aloha
    kat aloha
    Hi Sparkle Barbie
    I'm starting VLCD Day 1 today! Loaded Superbowl Sunday & Monday (don't ask me why?!? It seemed smart at the time ha!). How is your day going? I've gained 1 lb from 20day load so I'm dying to see what the scales say tomorrow! Today I'm following protocol and trying to get down all the water. So far, so good! Kat Aloha
  3. Sparkle Barbie
    Sparkle Barbie
    Sorry I'm just now responding. I didn't realize you had written. Why don't you come join our group? There are about 10 or so of us who started this week! I will send you an invite.
  4. Eaglesway
    Hello Everybody! I just started this week. My loading days were Feb 13-14th. And I'm on my way. Good to be apart of a group where we are all on the same page. There"s a lot to read of this Forum!! I have been reading and getting more educated on this diet. And it keeps your mind off of food!!! LOL!!!
  5. Tiff82
    Hello! I am rather new to the whole forum thing, but I figured it would help with support and questions. i am on my 12th VLCD and have lost 16 lbs! yay! but i also would probably rip someone's face off for a brownie lol. Overall not super hungry, just craving certain foods. How has everyone else been managing as far as cravings and hunger?
  6. tahoesnobrat
    Hi, this is my first time doing the drops and I am on p2 d12_ I am having an issue with being hungry, I get starving pains and when I eat I am not saticfied. I have gotten my meals down to the 500 calories and broken into two meals and two snacks. I eat on a schedule so that I do not get to hungry and bing eat. I am taking 20 drops and I am currently 155lb pounds. These past five days I have not lost a pound, I am concerned. Within the first five days I lost 10 pounds no problems. Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions as to what I can try, I really want to loose these last 15 pounds. I have been struggling to get it off since my hysterectomy two years ago. I am also on hormone replacements, I take 1mg estrogin daily due to a full hysterectomy. Do you think that this might have a role in this? I know other woman on here are on hormones too, and say they did great.

    Any feedback or support would be forever greatfull, I am feeling frustrated. PLEASE HELP ME

    Warm Regards,
  7. KathrynO
    Just wanted to introduce myself! First wk of P2 almost done, and have lost 8.5 pounds. I am being pretty strict about the whole thing, however, had two glasses of wine last night and passed on the fruit. (Well, technically, I drank the fruit!) This is NOT an easy program, but I have gained 50 pounds in 3 yrs, so, it's a necessity to lose this weight so that I can feel half way decent about myself again!
    The hunger comes and goes. Today, I realized that I don't think it's so much hunger, as the habit of grazing that I am missing!
    The hunger was pretty profound for the first 5 days, then I cut back to 8 drops instead of 10. I don't know if it was the cutting back that helped, or the fact that my body is getting used to the diet.
    Any comments?
    BTW, glad to be here with you girls!
  8. mt60
    Hi there, I just started HCG drops this Monday. Am not certain if the drops I'm using are good enough or not. I'm using the homeopathic drops by AnuMed. Is anyone familiar with these? Sure would like to hear. I am diabetic and usually control sugars with my diet. Now trying to do this eating program, my sugars are really low 77 and I am feeling hypoglycemic and shaky. Normal sugars for me range closer to 90-110. Any suggestions? thanks so much. I really want to lose this extra 40+ pounds I've been carrying for a while now. Had given up. But then heard from a lady about these drops and rushed out to buy them hoping for good results. I have been starving at times though. Can a diabetic use these safely?
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