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  1. Dana Mugrage
    Dana Mugrage
    Are we gonna b#@*+ or what?? lol Hi everyone . Im dana. I have just ordered my first round of hcg injections. im excited and scared to death. I just told my girlfriend( that told me about this diet) My cravings are bigger than life!!! that is food ...drink...you name it.
  2. skatsje
    Hey, my name is Alli. I just started on Sunday using the drops. I had my two loading days and ballooned from 213.3 to 217.6! Two days of the diet after, I'm down to 212! I swear this is a miracle! I haven't craved sugar, bread, bad stuff at all! It's amazing! Have started your injections? Why did you choose injections over drops? Just curious!

    Good luck!
  3. ChrisA
    I chose injections as it is more cost effective vs sublingual drops. I also have a b12 b12 deficiency as well so I just mix the hcg with my b12.
  4. 9mamamia
    Hi I am Sarah. I am excited to lose weight! I am definately feeling the difference in my health by the weight loss already! I am happy to be getting thin. I can't wait. But a pound a day is so worth the weight. I am happy it wont be months and months. I am happy that I will be so thin and hot by summer!!! perfect timing right!?!?!
    I am going to buy myself all new clothes and shoes! So excited!!!! I should be at my goal by my birthday! Good luck ladies
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