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Hi all!

  1. Blamp
    Hopefully I'm not too late in joining the group! I started my hCG oral drops March 26. So far I've dropped 11 lbs in 3 1/2 weeks, wish it was more but have had 2 stalls, second one just ended! I have found great information on the website for stalls, etc.!

    Hope everybody is doing well and losing, losing, losing!

  2. Tracy22
    Hi Benita!
    I'm new to the group/site as well & am finding it so helpful to be able to gain info & get in touch with real people going through this with me! I started my first injection on March 24th so we're very close in timing. I've lost about the same. I'm happy with that, but can't believe how much goes into this vlcd business!! It's all I think about, making sure I don't mess up. Well, we're all human, so yes I do mess up! Getting easier than in the beginning. Love to hear more from you!
    Great job, let's keep rooting each other on!
  3. Blamp
    Hi Tracy!
    How much are you trying to lose? I'm going for 35-40 and wanted to do it in R1 but doesn't appear I'll be that lucky! Oh well. Yeah, there is alot that goes into the vlcd! Although my husband and I are saving a lot on our food bill!! It is much much easier now than it was. I'm a carb fiend so I was craving carbs very bad the first week. Not so much anymore! I didn't even have to fight myself to not have a chocolate cupcake when they were delivered yesterday to our office...whew! I have been following the protocol to the "t". I've heard the more you have to lose the quicker you lose it up front. I tell ya, this site kept me going when I was on my second stall, knowing that others have had stalls lasting up to 10 days!

    Great job to you as well! Yes, let's keep rooting each other on! Having support definitely helps! Have you downloaded a ticker yet? It's kind of cool to see the weight loss and how much you have left to go!

    Keep up the good work and let's get this done!

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