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Hunormous varience in calorie count on different sites.

  1. LillyREads
    Have you noticed how varied the calorie counts are depending on where you do your research?!
    It's so frustrating!
    Have you found a site or resource that you really trust?
    What say you?!
  2. rockbottom
    Lily, I've used http://www.myfitnesspal.com/food/cal...utrition-facts.... and I guess it's okay. I don't really know. I have wondered the same thing.
  3. LillyREads
    I use http://www.fitday.com It's freaking amazing! It's like an online coach that you report EVERYTHING to. It's good for me to be held accountable.
    Thank you for the suggestion. myfitnesspal.com is actually one of the sites that I've checked out before. It seems good too, but... I just wish that there was more consistency from one site to the next. *sigh* Oh well. Let's keep forging forward!

    I freakin love your SN, by the way! *giggle*
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