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Injections feedback please

  1. shekarose
    I'm wondering if the site of my injection matters. I'm doing it in the upper thigh but wondering if there is a significant difference if you do it in the stomach.

    My main issue is getting it's highest potential for potency. I'm still feeling hungry after 10 days. Just upped my dosage from 175IU to 200IU.

    Your feedback is appreciated.
  2. Rojole

    In reading the posts and my own experiance the injection site shouldn't matter "significantly".

    I started out at 175iu injections and was hungry all the time. I found out your can be hungry if your injection is too low or too high. I was also told that 200 is a high dose to start with.

    Hope this helps. If you are new you go to the newcomers section. There is a place to ask questions and a senior member with get back to you with suggestions.

    Hope this helps.
  3. shekarose
    Good info...Thanks. Are you still at 175IU? It just doesn't seem like enough for me. Going to check out the newcomers page.
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