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Just joined the group!

  1. shekarose
    Hi All: I just finished my first week of P2 and I'm down 7 lbs. Goal is at least 30. I just had a baby 6 months ago, so I'm on a mission to lose the baby weight. I'm excited to have a group that is tracking with my cycle!!!

    I've been researching this diet for about 3 months prior to starting. There are many people at my job that are getting amazing results so I HAD to try. Boy, this stuff was confusing at first, but I think I've got the hang of it. The first week was ROUGH! I'm surprised my husband hasn't killed me (very moody) but I'm feeling better everyday.

    I will tell you that I found an AMAZING hCG coach online...his name is Colin F. Watson. He and his wife have a YouTube channel and also run their own website. They are more than fantastic. If you subscribe to their website, you will get the most detailed and informed emails. They have a weath of knowledge and are sharing it with the world...practically free. They are authors and have books to sell, but you don't have to buy in order to gain information. They have modified the original protocol and have a 750 calorie diet that WORKS. They will even give you a grocery list to start. What they want in return if for you to pay it forward. I know it sounds crazy (I'm not getting paid to share) but I found these guys to be my life line while starting this insane process.

    Colin's webpage http://hcgdietrevealed.com/

    Link to his YouTube channel is below:

    Power point to understand the diet (gives a shopping list you can use for phase 2):

    Hope this helps and can't wait to take this journey with you all.
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