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Ph2...going into planned interruption

  1. MeOnHCG
    Just asking around for anyone who has done a planned interruption to share their success, and suggestions. I'm only staying on PH3 from Thurs-Tuesday, and going right back to Ph2. I need to be able to order at restaurants all weekend, maybe pack a few things (like cocoa crack, HA).

  2. Amanda Sauerwein
    Amanda Sauerwein
    I did. Tuesday is Comedy Club night. I have avoided it for 2 weeks. There is a 2 drink minimum. I shared onion rings, salad with cheese and nuts, and had 20 oz of wine. Last night I had 4 light beers, subway sandwich, cookie and fried cheese. My food cravings have been horrible through this process and I have been starving. Maybe just psychological, but my stomach makes noises. I upped my dose, but I was ravenous yesterday. I continued my drops and was going to give up today, but I think I will just go get an appetite suppressant. I know it will effect my weight loss for about a week, but this still gets me thinner than before, AND maybe I won't have all that weird loose skin.
  3. Blamp
    Amanda, try taking your drops back down to what they were before. Apparently if you up your drops it can make you hungrier (maybe because it's pulling more calories?), but that's what I was told. I had upped my from 10-3x/day to 13-3x/day and was starving. I went back down to 10 and I'm fine.
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