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Stalled?! Ughhhh!!!!

  1. JeNiifer LoTte
    JeNiifer LoTte
    Hey everyone....Im new posting in here so hello to all!

    Ok so I have been stalling now for about 5 days now Totally BUMMED! Is anyone else going threw this right now? If so how are you handling it?
  2. shekarose
    Hi Jen,

    What method of hCG are you using and dosage? What kind of foods are you eating? 5 days is a long time to stall. How long have you been on your cycle?
  3. JeNiifer LoTte
    JeNiifer LoTte
    Im doing injections through my doc, 125cc. Today is day day 17. I had decent loss til sat Ive lost 15 lbs so far....but annoyed about the stall. Heres a type days meals, Orange for breakfast (i dont eat to many oranges) Chicken with tomatoes, garlic and vinegar. and dinner steak w/garlic/onion & braggs. There are times i dont eat my full amount of food....would that matter?
  4. Troya D Clark
    Troya D Clark
    I find that I lose MORE if my calories are between 500 and 550. I have lost LESS when my calories drop below 500. I plugged in your sample menu to a calorie tracker and your total daily calories are only 447. Maybe you should try adding another fruit and melba toast? Give it a shot and see what happens.
  5. NickyC
    I've heard that, too, Troya. That your body needs that food or it will stall. Someone even said that even if I'm not hungry, eat your second fruit! I made the Apple Pie recipe last night from the HCG cookbook and it was fabulous. Way better than a plain apple!

    What is your veggie for dinner, JeN? I am using dried onion as a spice and adding asparagus or cabbage to my dinners. What does your doc say about the stall?
  6. shekarose
    I know you have to be frustrated. I agree with the ladies on this page. You might need to step it up a bit. I'm personally on 750 calories a day. I'm trying a new method developed by Colin F. Watson (you can google him)

    Also, you might want to consider increasing your dosage. I take 175IU and I need to increase just a bit. Although, for the past two days I've been off my shots because of my period, and still following VLCD.

    This is straight from my journal. Hope it helps...

    Coffee – 5 cal
    Skim Milk (2 TBS) 5 cal
    Stevia – Zero!
    3 Egg Whites – 51 cal
    ½ grapefruit – 59.4 cal
    I feel good. I feel like I have the fuel I need to get me through until a mid morning snack. This is going to get easier!
    1 apple – 77 cal
    100g Tilapia – 97 cal
    Salad with cucumbers and tomato – 60 cal
    Handful of Strawberries – 49.5 cal
    100g of chicken breast (seasoned) – 195 cal
    ¾ cup broccoli – 22.5 cal
    Salad with cucumbers and tomato – 60 cal
    1 med Orange – 69 cal
    Total Calorie intake for the day 750.4
  7. Blamp
    I just ended a 5-day stall today and am down 1.2 lbs. I tried the apple day but that put me up .2 lbs. I have done searches on this site for "stall" and have found some very informative answers. I was frustrated because this was my second stall. According to other users on the site, they have had stalls for 10+ days. Apparently when your body loses so much up front, it needs time to catch up. I was ready to quit with the stalls but doing my research on this site helped me stay positive and stick with it and it was worth it. So go to the "Forum" and do a search for stall and look for the www.hcgdietinfo.com below it and click on it. Hang in there, it is worth it. The other thing I read is that if you don't have as much to lose then you may lose slower. I'm in week 3 1/2 and have only lost 11 lbs. and have a niece who lost 21 lbs. at the end of her 2 week mark, but she also has more to lose than I do! Also, make sure you are not using any kind of oil product in make up, lotion, food preparation, etc.

    Hope this helps!

    Good luck to you and go search the site! You will be happy you did!

  8. JeNiifer LoTte
    JeNiifer LoTte
    i want to thank all of you! My stall is OVER! YAY! I did an apple day and have lost 5 lbs since! YAY! I would like to know where you plug in all your foods to see your cals? It could very well have been my issue. Thanks again! You all are great!
  9. jadedbeauty14304
    Myfitnesspal.com is a good site for keeping track. Also available as an app for a smartphone. LOVE IT! I track my calories and my weight and some of my measurements on it. I'm so glad you broke your stall!!
  10. sashagirl
    ello- Im new.....hope im doing this right???
    I am on the 6th day of a stall. ......I am day 18 vlcd and this seems to happen around day 12 or 13vlcd I start to slow or stop losing??? People say to keep going and it will come off but the cycle of this phase is suppose to end on the 23rd and 72 hours after that I dont take the shots but do the vlcd to get to the 26th day....so how will it come off??
    I try working out and not working out and stopping melba and eating melba, cutting back on water and drinking more water, mixing up food eating less and eating more......its like my body just wont move lower...I cant stomach apples also so I cant do that idea. Anyone else have this issue? I think the main thing is the time frame...if you do 26 days and 6-7 or so are stalls....where does that leave you?
    thanks for any help!!!
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