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VLCD 14 and still starving

  1. shekarose
    Is anyone else having trouble with hunger this late in the game? I'm wondering if I'm doing something wrong.
  2. wallsie
    me, still haven't found the magic yet. day 11
    Im on vlcd 4 and weird but i noticed today i had no appetite what so ever... And my hunger wasnt as bad... Im i on the right track???
  4. Rojole
    I'm on vlcd day 14 today and I am still having hunger issues too. I keep playing with my dosage to get it right. Some days are better than others. Today I am doing another skip day to see whether I need to adjust up or down.

    I'm still determined to hang in there. The hunger isn't as bad as it was on the higher dose. Have you asked the senior members for dosage help?
  5. HarlieCat
    I just posted elsewhere that last week I changed the Hhcg drops I was taking to officalhcgdietplan drops and also taking NuMedica "Appe-Curb" and am doing so much better! I'm VLCD16.
  6. Hockey Mom
    Hockey Mom
    You may want to change HCG suppliers....not all are created equal.
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