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  1. believing
    Ugh feeling discouraged I only lost .2 yesterday and then gained it back today. Thinking maybe I need to do an apple day tomorrow. I've lost 20 lbs the first 2 weeks but I feel like I'm pulling teeth now. Any suggestions?
  2. Sparkling Beauty
    Sparkling Beauty
    I totally understand. I just came off of an apple day today. I lost 14 pounds in 17 days and stalled. This morning I weighed my self after starting my apple day yesterday and it makes me wanna cry! I am NO WHERE near my goal weight, and its taking forever!
  3. believing
    Hows it going Sparkling has it picked up any? It was suggested to me that an apple day might be in my best interest right now because I am already on an extreme limited calorie intake. Did you have any problems?
  4. Sparkling Beauty
    Sparkling Beauty
    Hi @believing!!! I did an apple day and lost 1 pound. It cam back. I started drinking more water and the weight started coming off! I am gonna keep up my water intake. Also, I stopped taking the supplements. How's it going for you?
  5. jgeordge
    Hello ladies! I feel like I've stalled a bit. This week I've barely lost 2.5 pounds. Seems like all I am loosing is 0.2 or 0.4 each day if I am lucky. Today I weighed in and stayed the same. Granted I am happy to loose anything but in the first couple weeks I was loosing at least a pound a day. I sort of feel like I am starving for no reason. Everyone says I shouldn't be hungry and sometimes I'm not but most of the time I am. Trying to decide if I stick with it or call it quits. So far I am on R1P2D26 and down 18.2 pounds. Again a great loss but this week has been tough. Slow losses and hungry. Any suggestions?
  6. believing
    Hi Sparkling and jgeordge I'm sorry but I'm still figuring out how this thread works and just found your posts...I know it's been awhile how is everyone doing?
  7. SipRedWine
    Drink more water!!!!!!!!!!!! You will be amazed at how much it helps and you can avoid an apple day! I did 30 days of shots with HCG and B-12. I started June 20th. I lost 22 lbs and have stayed within the 2 lb range up and down. I have found it is all about how much water I drink.
  8. cynbad73
    Definitely drink 2+ liters of water daily, your body needs water in order to keep from retaining water. Sometimes thirst also registers as hunger. If you're still hungry after drinking water, try spreading your meals out. I never ate everything recommended in one sitting. I'd hold my fruit and melba toast for snacks in between meals. I was never hungry.

    I'm R1P3D3 - lost 25 lbs and 28 inches during P2 and have been able to remaining within 2 lbs of my LIW. 15 lbs of that was my first two weeks. Weight loss slows after that. But, don't be discouraged. Everyone on this thread is doing amazing!
  9. ZellQuest
    started June 11, 2012 lost 30 lbs, did 46 days version , today last day of drops, time for P3............. definitely nervous...
    GREAT job everyone.........

    any P3 advise?
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