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Food suggestions?

  1. Traveler
    Hello hCG group! How great to find you all! I'm so stoked about finding hCG and my commitment to myself is to try it for two months, we'll go from there. Started on 6/13 and so far have lost 14 pounds. Yay. Nice but, that's 14 down, 25 to go. Everything is going OK so far except I'm already SUPER bored with the food! Any veterans out there have any suggestions?
  2. ZellQuest
    i use diced organic canned tomatoes and spice with powder garlic, powder onion and then Italian season or Mexican seasoning organic pure, no sugar the chicken, on the Mexican I do lettuce wraps
    has anyone shared the Walden Farms products, calorie, carb and fat free, they are marvelous for change?
  3. ZellQuest
    C"heck out phase 2 recipes online and read the forums. There are a lot of helpful people here and I survived my first week by asking for their recipes and by reading this: http://healthyhabitswellness.net/cli...ceipe_book.pdf

    A lot of recipes you will find do not adhere strictly to Dr. Simeon's protocol. Some people have the certain body type that will allow for variance to the protocol. This does not mean yours will. I highly recommend you give the protocol a chance before you take someone else's advice based off of their personal experience. Find what foods facilitate reduction and what foods make you gain or stall, then venture out on embellishments if you have to. You can always subtract any items from a recipe to bring it back into protocol. "

    quote from blog, also Google Recipes P2 hcg and a lot come up
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