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Hey guys, I'm new here!

  1. knrpick
    Just wanted to say hi, This is day 9, and today I have already cheated. I'm freaking starving! Kids made chocolate chip cookies, arg! I'm drinking so much,that I feel like I'm swimming. Also, I see the tracker and made my own, but don't know how to put it in my posts, any help? I hope I can find support and the drive here to do this!!!!
  2. believing
    Hi knrpick, I'm afraid I can't help you with the tracker but you shouldn't be hungry. Are you on drops or? Today is my 23rd day it gets easier so please please just hang in there and welcome. This is new to me to it does get better I promise try not to cheat just remember those cookies got you here!
  3. ZellQuest
    did you cheat because you were hungry or tempted? if your dose is correct, you will not be tempted or every hungry, it's amazing, I do drops, and I only need 7 drops and 10 makes my hungry, so less is more, I also use Rasberry Ketones to burn fat too, see Dr. Oz video on those
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