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Phase 2 Week 1 Results

  1. Sparkling Beauty
    Sparkling Beauty
    So, I have finished week 1 of my VLCD, and I only did not lose as much as I anticipated. I lost 4.4 pounds and I was totally expecting to lose at least 7. I did cheat a little at my sister's baby shower, but it was a P3 cheat. My first time on HCG diet I lost 18 pounds in 23 days. I am so concerned with the start of this one. I am all over the place reading advice from other people, which makes things less consistent. I heard popcorn is fine, and I tried that. I heard that Raspberry Ketones are good with the hcg protocol, I'm trying that. I am getting very discouraged. Maybe hearing your successes will keep me motivated. *sigh*
  2. jgeordge
    I totally understand how you are feeling. There is so much info out there that it tends to make things confusing. I am on day 9 of my first round of HCG drops and I am down 9 pounds however 2 of those are pounds that I gained on my load days. I guess I am suppose to say I am down 7 but heck I lost the 2 I gained so I am counting those. I've really been sticking to the approved food list however I do tend to mix my veggies a bit and so far it doesn't seem to be hurting me. Good luck and don't get discouraged. You can do it!!!
  3. Jordan Grace
    Jordan Grace
    So here we are day 11 I only lost 7.7 (not counting the 1.5 gained on loading). TOM visited in the middle so I am praying for a big drop this week. haven't had hunger issues but I am feeling week and low energy. Trying to put in in perspective and look at the positives. Feels like a mixed bag. Hope others are doing well, love to here your stories. I almost wonder if I would be feeling better had the "Hype" not been so high. If I think about it I know I've probably rarely lost so much so fast and never without killer workouts.
  4. Jenn
    Read Pounds & Inches...all the foods your eating are not on protocol. Even a P3 food can cause a gain and then a stall/slow down in P2. The only way to get big losses is to follow the original diet as written. Keep with the program and you will loss it!
  5. meltem
    Hi there.....i started the vlcd on monday the 10th...have lost 9lbs so far)))...im soooooo hungry from 4pm -7pm and fantasize about eating my arm....the best way i have dealt with this is cabbage!!!...i slice up cabbage and sprinkle on chilli and cider vinegar...and yes this brings up my veg serving to 3 but i guess its better than dim sum(wishing i ate a kilo of them on loading) and also filling up on glasses of sparkling water....it really helps!!!....x
  6. ZellQuest
    in my first four days of the VLCD i have lost 8 lbs, i am not hungry anymore after reading Grammy 1952 advice and I lowered my drops from 10 to 7, i was definitely taking too much, haven't been hungry since
  7. believing
    I keep reading about VLCD what is that?
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