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  1. Elorahd
    How is everyone doing? I'm on VLCD8 and down 7 lbs. I'm thrilled. I even cheated for the first time last night. Part of a scone and some swigs of ff milk. That milk was so good! I was terrified it would stall me though. But I was down .8 lbs this morning! Whew! I seem to have slowed a bit going in to week 2. Was losing 1.2 a day. Now losing .8. But I haven't been great about eating all my veggies. Going to see if that helps. If not, oh well. I'll be satisfied if I lose .5 or more a day. Really hoping this will be my only round. Once I can fit into my closet full of size 6's I'll be happy, no matter what he scale says!
  2. Lisatxsmed
    Hello group, I'm Lisa I just turn 36 I'm 5'7 and start weight 202. I'm down to 189.3. I started the drops Oct, 1st. I do really well during the day, but at night I keep asking myself why am I doing this. I'm hoping this gets easier and that the cravings diminish. I thought about eating the sofa, I need to stay motivated to finish........ Help!!!!!!:)
  3. AllaR
    LOL, Lisa, you are hilarious.
    DeDee, i am not sure what the dose that my doc has me on, but once he increased it, my hunger dissapeared. i still feel weak though ..
    Second week turned out to be a nighmare for me.. i lost a total of 2.5lb very dissapointing. seeing my doc today for a third week's supply. if third week will be same as second, i am dropping out of this race.. i can do 2lb per week on my own without starvation... sorry, i am so pesimistic just very dissapointed..
  4. journey2thin
    I am starting today on the vlcd and thinking about all of the things I should have eaten when I was on my loading days lol. I'm looking forward to seeing how much I can lose this round!
  5. bdjohnson510
    Hi there everyone...I just recently joined - I'm on VLCD2 (R-2) and so far so good...I

    t's nice to have somewhere to check in and get some feedback...I just had a root canal and I'm wondering about my lunch and how I'm going to eat it - but I'm sure I'll find a way! I only lost 2.5lbs so I'm trying to be optimistic. Hope everyone is doing good.

    Oh, and do any of you eat brussel sprouts? I know they are not on the list but wondered if any of you had tried them.

    Have a great day!
  6. realitychick44
    hello,.. I,m new started the 500cal today ,did not really enjoy the 2days of loading not used to forcing my self to eat. So far so good today,.. I'm glutn free so no melba toast for me. I love reading all the success stories and hope to be one myself..I need to lose over 100lbs so I know it will take about a year. I am hopeful that the rapid loss will be a good motivation to continue on..
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