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Hello started on 102012

  1. DIDI03
    started my first round of injections 10/01 I have lost 14 pounds I go to a clinic here in Texas.
    Getting use to my new eating habits (ufffff lol) started at 261 and now 247
  2. GinaMG
    Hi Didi03 and everyone!
    I'm new to hcg, so this is R1, P2, started on 10/5 and have lost 8 pounds & my goal is to lose 20. I'm going thru a clinic also, and I am doing injections. I am having a real problem with HUNGER!! It has gotten worse as the week has gone on. I guess the next step is to have my fruit in the a.m. and afternoon before dinner? I hate to do that because I really look forward to it after the meals and the meals aren't filling enough by themselves. Have any of you increased your protein by an ounce for each meal? Wondering if that's ok. Thanks so much for the input!

    I can do this, I can do this, I can do this !
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