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Round 3 Phase 1. loading days feel yucky :(

  1. CarrieB
    I did not realize how gross I would feel eating on phase one. I've been eating whole foods since May and I can see the loading days are going to be rough. It's funny because I was looking forward to ice cream and some mac & cheese, now I feel sick. LOL I've lost a total of 40 pounds so far and hope to lose another 20 more before the holidays! I wish you all the best!!!
  2. Elorahd
    I am so with you on that! And I've had to load for a week! I start VLCD tmrw and will be so glad. My body does not like all this fat!
  3. losingelk
    I also felt sick on my two loading days, but today is my first 500 cal day and I am not a happy camper. It's less that I am hungry (I think I must still be full!) but I am feeling empty. Not sure how to describe it. I lost 30+ lbs last year on hcg and sort of inchec my way back up 15 lbs by going back to "regular" eating. I have a goal of 20 lbs this round. Hope I can make it.
  4. CarrieB
    Today is my first day of VLCD, Thank God! I was so run down with the sugar, fats and carbs! I gained 6.4 pounds on my 2 loading days. I know I'll lose it quickly but it does freak me out a bit! LOL. Hope everyone is doing well on your first days of VLCD!!
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