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Started today!

  1. Elorahd
    So I started taking my hhcg drops today. I've been loading since Saturday because I've been on a VLCD for about a month before even considering this. I'll be glad when the loading is over. It's wreaking havoc on my digestive system. I think I'll miss dairy the most on P2 and my occasional sips of Dr. Pepper. I love my DP! When I started loading I was 145. I thought for sure I would at least be at 150 by now but when I weighed this morning I was only 148! Surprised and happy about that. And I had a horrible dream last night where I was actually 160! That scared me for a little while. I'm looking to get down to 120 so I can fit back into my wardrobe again. I've been wearing my pajamas every day for over a year now because I refused to buy new clothes when I knew I was just going to lose the weight. It took me and my docs a year to figure out it was a med that was causing my weight gain.
    I forgot to take my "before" pic today, but I'm not sure what to wear. I don't have anything that fits except oversized tshirts and baggy shorts! Did you guys take a pic? If so, what did you wear? I could just wear a bra and panties but not if I want to publish results somewhere.
  2. AllaR
    lol.. you are too funny. just wear your pajamas.. my coworker took a pic of me in my office. it doesn't matter what you wear. you only have 28lbs to go!! you can do it!!
  3. Honey102
    Hi...started on Oct 2nd, my birthday, and have been loading for 3 days...gained 1.8 pounds. Today is the first day i am going on 500 calories...I want to lost at least 30 pounds so i figured you can be my support.
    so thanks for starting a group
  4. Elorahd
    Well, I don't have to work, thankfully, so it's not a big deal but I still just wear my pj's to run errands and go to doc appts. Lol! I'm looking forward to losing weight in my chest so I can wear a bra again! I'm sure everyone around me will be thankful for that! Lol!

    Good luck, Honey! I'm looking to lose 30 lbs too.
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