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Starting Round 2 on Labor Day!

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  1. SipRedWine
    I thought I would set up this group early! I am going to start round 2 on September 3rd! Labor Day BBQ sounded like a good time to start loading! I already have all my supplies in place and am ready to lose another 22+ lbs! Does anyone want to join me on this journey???
  2. FinallyFit
    Hi there! I just ordered my Hgc and plan to start on Sept. 2. I would love to join your group. I am really pumped and hope to loose 25-30 lbs. in R1 and 60 overall. I have always wanted to try Hcg but have always been such a whimp! Then I started thinking about lapband or something like that since nothing else has ever seemed to work. I thought this has to be a safer way than that! We have a big family trip to Hawaii in Feb. and I would just love to be able to wear pretty little sundresses by then!
  3. LynneR
    I got my hcg and mixing kit today from my doctor. I am on the last day of P3, so three weeks of P4 will put my loading on Labor Day Weekend as well. What a great time to load. I lost 33 lbs in my first round, but regained 2.6 during P3, so that puts my net loss at 30 lbs for the round (I think), and I am hoping for a higher loss in Round 2. I think I stabilized pretty well, as I weighted *the exact same weight* for 9 out of 21 days on P3, and I am solid at that weight again today.
  4. Vickinj

    I'm starting this for the first time....planning to load on Sept. 2 and 3 - - we go to a BBQ on the 3rd. A good friend lost 67lbs on this protocol. I'm a bit nervous to try HCG, but am desperate at this point. Need to lose 40-50lbs. I would like to share this journey with you.

  5. pagilium
    Hello...fellow HCG'ers!! . This is round two for me and I am ready to go!! I have attempted a couple of starts for round two and failed, so hopefully 3 times is a charm! . I lost 23 lbs the 1st round and gained almost all of it back in two years...not happy about my down fall, but I'm back on the horse again, so to speak! Good luck in September to everyone!
  6. Vickinj
    I've been afraid to try HCG too. I'm going to be taking drops, but they are not homeopathic - they do have HCG in them. My friend helped me get them. She lost a lot of weight and looks and feels fantastic....seeing her results is what convinced me to give it a go. I could use all the support I can get!!!
  7. Levi4
    I am restarting HCG next week. I did great last summer on homeopathic HCG (lost 25 pounds), kept it off and decided to do it again this summer. I did the RX injections for 35 days this summer, was hungry EVERY day and only lost 8 pounds! Pretty frustrating. I decided to wait a full six weeks to begin again so September 3 I am starting again - IF I can find a source for homeopathic HCG drops without alcohol. Does anyone know of a reliable source, or how to locate a reliable source? I'm really confused by all the different company names I see on the HCG sites. I just don't know who to trust after my poor results in June. I'd appreciate any help from anyone with good information. Have a great last week of August. I can't wait to get started again.
  8. Vickinj
    H Levi4:

    I don't know if we are allowed to give links to where we purchased our HCG. I can tell you where I got mine - I doubt there is alcohol in it, but you can check it online. Please let me know if you think it's okay to post this here or do I need to send you a private message?


    P.S. I really wish Labor Day was here already so I could get this show on the road. I'm nervous, skeptical, but excited too!!
  9. FinallyFit
    Hi everyone! I just wanted to post a hello! Getting really excited about loading this weekend. I am so ready to "geter done!" My husband though, is driving me a little nuts with his worrying. He is all upset that the hcg is from India??? Oh well I'm sure he'll get over it when he sees me shrinking!
  10. Levi4
    Hi folks,
    I'm still looking for a reliable source for HCG drops (preferably). Any suggestions?
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