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Beenz – Alps story

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  1. Zami
    Just start at the beginning.... we want to know EVERYTHING.
  2. Beenz
    Well, before I got REALLY fat, we went to Europe. I weighed more then than I do now...OMG...but we had a fantastic time. It was in 04/08. We went first to the Italian Alps, as we have friends in Italy, and my Dad had served in Italy in WWII and I wanted to see them. Joe found a map & picked a super long trail down from an ancient town called Fondo to one called Trausella If I remember right. It was several miles and sometimes quite rough. We had to hop across stones in some places. Here, we had to cross on a log. You can see the tape peeking around my left Achilles to help support it...
    ...here I am in Trausella:

    And here we are in Interlaken, Switzerland; the Jungfrau is in the back. We are on Harder Kulm.

    Not much hiking for me there. I don't know if it was the elevation or the stress on the Achilles from the trip but I wasn't up for more than a casual walk. NEXT TIME!!!!
  3. Zami
    Beautiful woman, beautiful scenery, and GOOD LORD what a beautiful MAN! Where did you find THAT? I want one. hee hee... thanks Beenz. I love the photo idea. 1000 words and all that...
  4. Beenz
    Check this out, Zami: we went to the same high school. He was a year ahead of me. We never knew each other but met via mutual friends about 20 years later. Sheesh. He actually claims to remember me-of course, I was always on stage performing or doing a speech or something and he was in the corner getting into trouble. LOL! It was a large school-about 950 in each class-but still, amazing that we didn't get to know each other. In the meantime, he'd relocated to AZ, hence our semi-snowbird lifestyle.
    Here we are with his/our Italian friends; our hostess it the wonderful woman in the middle:
    He is pretty hot-you're right...LOL!! Sometimes that really saves things, too-not just patience and all that stuff! His hair is actually longer than mine now...and mine is longer than that now..
    Me, @ La Guest House in Trausella, with Chianti, by the new wood stove we were trying to troubleshoot...
    me, at ancient fountain in Interlaken, Switzerland. (*those jeans are too big now)

    If yaz want more...let me know. Happy to post more. Don't want to bore!
  5. Zami
    Awwwwwwwww TOOT sweet! I married a high school sweetheart. It didn't turn out nearly so well, other than the daughter I got out of it. So is he Italian then? I love the contrast in your coupleness. The blonde bombshell and the tall dark handsome prince.

    That lighting on you in the second one is gorgeous! You're just beautiful.

    Love pictures!! Post away! Wheeeee!
  6. Beenz
    LOL! I think if we had met then-who knows what would have happened. It may not have been so great??? Your daughter is CLEARLY worth it. She is so darling and obviously the apple of your eye!
    He is actually 100% German; but he can pass for Italian-speaks fluently-and sometimes he is mistaken for being of American Indian descent, or East Indian...depending on context. He loves language; speaks Spanish fairly fluently too, and can speak a bit of Polish, Hungarian, and-who knows what else. And of course, that blonde is not my natural color...no not by any means. Though I was blonde as a child, my natural color is probably not much different from his (funny, I'm mostly German too). But my stylist SWEARS that God may have not been paying attention that one detail. LOL! I am pretty darned fair skinned, though, and have light eyes. So definitely a contrast. And it's about time I weigh less than he does. Woot!
    Thank you for the complements, by the way. I really do appreciate it.
    And Joe's an excellent photographer. He loves working with light and obviously knows just what to do with it.
    More tomorrow? Should really hit the hay.
  7. artsyfartsy
    all of the pictures are amazing!!! i already have a travel bug, this is just making it worse. :P
    i married my high school sweetheart as well. we went to school together since kindergarten but didn't meet until high school, its funny how things work out like that.
  8. Zami
    Alana's got the same contrast thing going on. She was blond when she was little and now it's getting darker. We blonded it up on the last hairdo day and WOW! She needs to be blond. The contrast between the blond hair and the dark eyes is enchanting.
  9. thomygirl
    Thanks for sharing Benz, how fun!!! My husbands mom is Italian and hubby and me always wanted to go over to Italy and see where her ancestors came from. Dream vacation, but the cost to do it right is high! If we do it we want to spend at least 3 weeks there to see everything!!!

    PS your gorgeous!!!!
  10. Zami
    I did dat thomy... went "back to my roots" in Italy. I always figured I'd love it, but I didn't... I kept longing for the Caribbean.
    It may have been that I "blended" I don't really like to "blend". lol
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