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Beenz Alps story

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  1. Beenz
    Thanks, Thomy! We had such fun; we were in Europe for about 2 weeks. We stayed with friends for some of the trip, and found really decent lodging for 60-70 euros a night. Some may have been less. I'll ask Joe. He did a good job of sniffing out places to stay online. We had a simply amazing time. More pics tomorrow...I will get to it this time! Zami- you are such a fun person-how could you not have loved Italy? We had one giant party!!!
  2. Beenz

    Joe awaiting our fondue in Interlaken, Switerzland. MMM. P4 friendly. Yay!

    Me in Kolner Dom-the ancient cathedral in Cologne, Germany. Told ya J's a great photographer!
  3. Zami
    Wow.. there's that light again. I think you're just really photogenic Beenz. And your man leaves me speechless so I'll not comment on the one with him in it.

    I don't know what happened with me in Italy... I couldn't stand the food either. lol... I loved France though. Weird huh? You'd think with my personality I'd fit right in with the Italian loudmouths and be shunned by the stuffy French. It could be that I just was loving myself more in France and less in Italy... a timing thing. eeew the Mediterranean was just downright icky too! The water was sooo dirty and scummy!
  4. Beenz
    Zami, comment on him if you want to-he certainly is aware that he's cute.-eyeroll-
    His hair is much longer now. Will try to find a current pic if you like.

    Me, in Interlaken, with cowbells. Those are one of the hallmark things of Switzerland that I noticed in our too-short time there. The cows are everywhere-and eating normal forage. What a thought. Dairy products are entirely different-fresh eggs, beautiful cheeses. It's in Europe that I realized: the American food machine does not produce a better tasting product. It's now that I realize it doesn't produce a better product at all.

    Me, in Amsterdam, mimicing the street light. I am goofy, what can I say? Need a current pic. While I probably only weigh 10-15 lbs less my shape is different, especially my legs.
    In a canoe in the canals in Amsterdam. Trust me when I say it's not easy to climb the walls of the canal to get out when you have to tinkle. LOL!
  5. artsyfartsy
    i want to go to switzerland and amsterdam so bad! here comes that travel bug again, lol.
  6. thomygirl
    Love the pics!!!!
  7. Zami
    Geez... if your legs are smaller now than in that pic...you're a skinny minnie! You look great in these pics! Don't go and get TOO skinny on us!
  8. Beenz
    only in the healthy BMI range for me!!! Wow, when I get there. Still overweight-next round WILL nail it.
  9. Mollymckim
    Wow awsom pictures. I also have a travel bug BAAAAAAAAAAAAD. My dream vacation is also Italy. I love Renasaunce (so spelled wrong!) Art. I wanna see the churches.
  10. Zami
    If anyone needs help planning a trip to Europe, my dad is a travel agent who's been all over Europe. He's a history buff and travels with an expert in ART. They love gardens and churches. I got so sick of gardens and churches when I traveled there with them. lol Anyway, he's a fabulous source for great travel deals (especially for Europe).

    I'm pretty good at helping with people traveling to the Caribbean (of course) and anywhere Disney.
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