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Bikini choices - Add a photo of your favorite

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  1. Zami
    Just think! We can have our perfect bikini picked out already when we get where we're goin! ooh ahhh
  2. Robbi
    I'm not sure at my age I should be in a bikini! BUT, I did look in the mirror today and think maybe I could wear one soon! hahahaha
  3. Lbrace0317

    I will be wearing this... In November, 20lbs lighter.
  4. artsyfartsy
    lbrace- that bikini is hot! you are going to look like a mermaid!!

    next summer i plan on living in this bathing suit, lol

  5. Zami
    Lbrace - I can't say green is my favorite color by a long shot, but that bikini ROCKZ!!
    Artsy - Yours is cool. Different. Unusual. I like the embellishment on the top and the flip on the bottom.
  6. Mollymckim
  7. Mollymckim
    ok so that didnt work!! how do i find and post a pict???
  8. Zami
    Mollymoll - the link works! I love VENUS... They sell the bikini top I wear now. I even have it in two colors! lol I have to find MY suit.. I keep forgetting. I'm terrible at making decisions so it will probably take me hours...
  9. Zami
    Ok.. this is a good start, but I think I can do better.
  10. LuckeeMomee
    Lbrace I love the one you picked!!! It is hot stuff!! I am afraid I can never wear less than a tankini =( my kids left me with stretch marks and I am pretty embarrassed by them.
    Too bad HCG does not help with those lol!!
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