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Bikini choices - Add a photo of your favorite

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  1. corbow
    I'm thinking tankini, since I expect to still be pear-shaped even at ideal weight. A two-piece is a better choice for rafting--easier to deal with potty breaks. I haven't found one that grabs me yet, but this one is cute:

  2. Zami
    corbow - with skirt or without skirt?
  3. corbow
    No skirt! By the time I get a new suit my thighs should be much less thunderous.
  4. Lbrace0317
    I came back here just to look at my bikini picture. R2D1 is tomorrow (today) and I'm prepping.. I'm nervous.

    corbow- nice choice!
  5. Zami
    Lb - Print out the photo and post it on your frig? hee hee
  6. cl2
    Zami, you told me to check out your rant for today in a private message and I can't find the rant. Could you guide me to it?

    Also--your private message came back as non-deliverable as your "file" is full.
  7. Zami
    page 27... I hope.

    eep sorry! I'll go clean out my mailbox now!
  8. jojodowntogo
    Would be thrilled to just wear a tankini and feel comfortable! And get a nice Victoria secrets bra when I am down to my goal weight.
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