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Dealing with Emo Eating

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  1. Zami
    Yah, so I used to have this great long list of everything I could do OTHER than eat posted on my fridge. Did I ever look at it? No. It's all crumpled, stained and in the drawer next to the fridge now. Next suggestion? LOL
  2. kbj
    Yes, emotional eating is bad for us, but sometimes life can be overwhelming and we need SOMETHING! I have a couple of siblings who are alcoholics and I figure that over-nibbling on nuts is benign compared to that. Drinking water, tea, coffee, propel etc. is good as is exercise, reading, tv, talking or texting etc. My best avoidance technique at the moment, though, is to hang out on these forums!
  3. Beenz
    I totally used to do it. Work was especially terrible. I'd kind of give myself carte blanche at work because I could somewhat control or distract at home, but work, no.
    And no time for a real meal while there 90% of the time does not help. Being on this diet REALLY helped me determine the difference between being hungry physically and otherwise. Now I know, if I'm really hungry, I can eat. If I am not...I can find another way to deal with that sensation. It took this experience to learn the difference and to stop and examine my feelings, both physical and emotional.
  4. artsyfartsy
    before hcg i had lost about 20lbs working out and being healthy, but at the beginning of this year i gained it all back when my husband was diagnosed with cancer and i found comfort in food. i'm so thankful for hcg, not just because i've lost the weight but i feel like i have my brain back. now i ask myself are you hungry or bored, the answer is rarely hungry.
  5. Zami
    kbj - Yah I definitely use these forums for a non-nibbling alternative too!
    Beenz - work works in the opposite direction for me... like yesterday, I was hungry while I was at work but busied myself right through it... looks like I PAID for that in SPADES today tho! Up FOUR lbs and I hate HALF what I usually do on P3 yesterday. I know that before hcg... I'd work through the hunger, come home and stuff myself silly, but yesterday by the time I got home (I had a nectarine on the way) I wasn't hungry the rest of the night! WEIRD. I guess I still have more "examining" to do. lol
    artsy - eep! What's going on now with your hubby's cancer situation? I gained a bunch when my dad went thru heart and brain surgery this last Feb-Mar. Comfort is right. BAD ZAMI.
  6. corbow
    I have the urge to nibble on the rare evenings when my hubby is out, out of some sort of displaced loneliness, I guess.
  7. Zami
    hoo boy corbow... loneliness is a tough one. I know I used to to do that too... when my man would go out and leave me all alone. (Yes, there's a bit of resentment left over there) I don't have that problem so much now that the daughter doesn't ever stay with the loser dad anymore. eep though... I imagine I should figure out how to deal with it before she leaves home. Ahhhhh... I don't wanna think about that! l
  8. Mollymckim
    Yeah i am deffinatly guilty of this one. My BIGGEST trigger is STRESS. Befor if I had a stressful event i would use a "treat" to relax afterwards. Like some people have glass of wine befor bed. Even when i was dieting the "other way" and counting calories I would save one of my snacks to have after the kids were in bed and i could sit and relax. i think my worst day in p2 was when everything was going wrong and all i wanted was one of my "treats". i have thoughts like 'I DESERVE THIS AFTER WHat I just went through!" My other TRIGGER is celebrations. We celebrate everything with food so when i cant have it I feel like i cant celebrate

    Im opposite from the rest of you. I do fine when my husband is gone.... its actually when he is around that i want to eat. I guess its because everything we do has somethink to do with FOOD. Our date night is always dinner and the movies!!! Family days are lunch then off to the mall! I dont know what else to do.
  9. Mollymckim
    I secon or third the though that these forums help with cravings. Now at night I sip my chi tea and read these. Time flys!!
  10. Paendora
    me too :::wavin::: hanging out here always inspires me to make the better choice, not eat something I shouldn't, and just go to bed so I can wake up lighter!

    I've worked thru the emotional, it's the boredom snacking thing that still calls my name. So on the weekends when I'm home with a less regimented schedule, I take my meals apart and eat one item at a time.
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