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  1. Zami
    Let's talk about gifts we're going to give ourselves as rewards for meeting our goals.
    We can get ideas from each other and dream!!
  2. Lbrace0317
    a whole new wardrobe... with designer jeans that I wont feel are a waste of money because I really WILL fit into them forever... I've never deemed myself worthy of designer jeans before because I've never been the same size for more than 6 months in my adult life. YOYONOMO hehe.
  3. Beenz
    Just got an iPhone. For a lot of reasons. But it seemed like a good "healthy" reward too.
  4. Zami
    I just spent $300 at Victoria's Secret hoping one of the sun dresses will work for me in Roatan. I'll send the rest back.
    Wow.... wouldn't it be nice to actually fit in a pair of jeans comfortably for the rest of your life? I'll sign up for that program!
    iPhones are SO cool.
  5. corbow
    I've been contemplating either an iPhone or a Droid. Right now I use a prepaid cell phone and an iPod Touch (first generation). I'm very tempted to keep that configuration and just get the new iPod Touch, but the camera in it is lacking good resolution and a flash. I've been reading reviews and thinking of it as a possible Christmas gift to myself. By that time I'll have a better idea of my job, too (I'm on a contract), and a feel for whether a 2-year commitment to a cell provider is a justifiable expense.

    Clothes are on the list, too, of course...

    And a few years ago I had promised myself that I could get new tattoos when I had successfully kept the weight off for a couple of years. That's more long-term, of course. I was thinking of a small school of tropical fish swimming around my ankle, one fish for each ten pounds lost.
  6. Zami
    wazza Droid? I don't have TV here... so no commercials. For some reason that sounds like something that would be in a lot of commercials. lol My brother's IPhone takes great pictures! I also, am considering an IPhone although this is the first time I've admitted out loud. shhhhh no telling!! ooooooooooooh FISHES!! I want fishes around MY ankles!!! What a fabulous idea! I don't have any tattoos. Alana wants L O V E tattooed on her knuckles... I can think of worse things but STILL... permanently marring your skin... hmmm I'm worried she might regret it at around age 30. I never got one and I'm happy I didn't. Fishes are extremely tempting tho!! hee hee
  7. corbow
    A Droid is another type of SmartPhone, like an iPhone but not made by Apple.

    I got my first tats at 29, after thinking about it for a few years. I wanted to put them someplace where they wouldn't deform too much as I age. Initially they were small--about an inch and a half across. I got the one on my shoulder covered and redone last fall, though. It's the same concept but much larger and more elaborate. You can see it here.
  8. Lbrace0317
    a tattoo too!!! I forgot about that one! I have 2, one on my wrist and the other on my ribs (ouch) I've been wanting another tattoo for a few years but haven't done it because I want it on the arch of my hip... (like where men have that super sexy V) and it would drive me absolutely nuts if I lost weight and the tattoo was off center or at an awkward angle.... so when i lose weight and you can find my hipbones a tattoo for sure! Clayton also wants another one when he gets home so that can be something we can do together (we wont get the same one, we are not that gross)

    corbow what an awesome tattoo! and you can't even tell it was a coverup!

    i have an iphone 4 and you should all look up the hcg diet app because its the bees knees.
  9. Zami
    buzzzzzzzz! ...bees for Lb's knees.

    Cool tattoo corbow. WHAT do you have on your wrist and ribs L? Don't talk about men's super sexy Vs.... it gets me thinking about all of Christians super sexy parts and I get worked up and have butterflies. ooooh ~shiver~ Doot agin!!
  10. ladonna
    Was the hcg diet app a freebee or pay app? I guess I could look it up and figure it out myself. I don't like to pay for apps!
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