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  1. ladonna
    I had all these ideas that would be my treat to myself when I got to my goal weight. Most of them were superficial and have lost interest in them now. I do like the idea of victoria's! That would be a nice treat!
  2. corbow
    Ooh, an HCG app! I wonder if it works on a 1st generation iPod Touch.
  3. hellcatemi
    I am going to get new clothes... and then I am going to travel!!! I am trying to lose at least 35 lbs by January so that I don't have to be "that fat girl tourist" lol
  4. lsumner
    VICTORIA SECRET Bras! I will not be afraid to go in and get measured correctly and fit into their bras in the store!!!
  5. torister
    Love your tattoo corbow! I have often thought I would get one when I got down to my goal weight. Not sure *what* yet, but it is something I have thought about even though it is painful and I am a major wimp! Would love to see those that others have done!

    Also...*clothes*!!!!!!!! I am wearing clothes now that I bought too small in hopes that my Atkins weight loss would continue, but then I hit a plateau and they went into a tote in my closet! So, clearance clothes and thrift shops will keep me in nice fitting clothes until goal, but I *will* be getting a whole new wardrobe!!
  6. Nicki4
    I'm getting a tummy tuck!!!!!! That's my ultimate goal, but will have small ones along the way. I was thinking about making small goals and then buying myself small things as I go. Like maybe new make-up (because I'm starting to care about how I look again), maybe buy myself a couple of my favorite movies (and spend a Saturday with a blankie on the couch), and of COURSE clothes! Hahaha! And I have a very good friend who's a tattoo artist, so thanks for the idea!!!

    I've only lost 10 lbs so far, but you guys make me excited to see some real results!
  7. tracy2610
    Hi all...newbie here! I have a ways to go, BUT, when I reach goal I think I'm gonna get a cute little tat that means something special; seeing as though it would be my first one. As for what kind of tat? I have no idea. A butterfly would make sense, but everybody has butterflies, so I dunno.
  8. navy_mom
    My husband is going to take me clothes shopping and I might splurge on a new Brighton Purse! (I LOVE BRIGHTON!) or a Pandora bracelet!
  9. thomygirl
    I want to take a trip to Rome!!!! I think I deserve it!!!! Now to convince my bank account and husband!!!
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