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Moar thought provoking questions...

  1. Zami
    How did you start your hcg journey?
    Where are you now?
    How long did you take to get there?
    Have you ever stabilized?
    Is this your last round?
    Are you opposed to another round?
    What are you really trying to accomplish?
    If not yourself, who are you trying to please ( yourself is not an option in this answer)?
    Why Please them?
    What can you do to accept where you are right now?
    Why are you not doing that?
  2. ladonna
    Hi all! I'm new to this group and thought this would be a good place to start.

    How did you start your hcg journey? one of my friends at work told me about it. I took about a month and half to first get off the caffeine. Then I started by purchasing some drops online.
    Where are you now? I'm in the middle of P3 of my first round
    How long did you take to get there? about 6 weeks
    Have you ever stabilized? I'm not sure if I will stabilize, but I will head off to Round 2 anyway
    Is this your last round? I have one more round to go until I reach my goal weight. I had hoped to get it done in round one, but I averaged closer to the half lb a day loss instead of the 1lb a day.
    Are you opposed to another round? See above! Definitely doing another round. Sort of miss P2, which is totally wierd
    What are you really trying to accomplish? I want to drop the weight to take the pressure off my back because of disc issues. I also want to look and feel better
    If not yourself, who are you trying to please ( yourself is not an option in this answer)? Mostly I'm doing this for myself, but also for my youngest kiddo. He's only 3 and deserves a healthier and more active mom. I also want to feel better about my image and that benefits my husband too.
    Why Please them? Who would do just about anything for their kid and I deserve better too.
    What can you do to accept where you are right now? I don't really know. I love myself genuinely, but I am disappointed about the rollercoaster journey of losing/gaining.
    Why are you not doing that? It's hard as a driven woman to accept that I did this to myself.
  3. Zami
    WOW !! You got off coffee too? Why? lol... I've gotten off carpy food and cigarettes, but coffee? I don't think I can do that. GRATS.
    .5 is the actual average a woman loses on hcg. The 1 lb thing is rare and some kind of mean advertising ploy.
    I miss P2 as well. It's just easier to not eat.
    Let's do it for ourselves and everyone we know!! Yay! That works better for most women anyway. lol
    Amen sistah... I have a daughter.
    Too hard on yourself. Are any of us NOT too hard on ourselves? If so, the rest of us need lessons. Please.
  4. ladonna
    Zami - I got off a lot of things as suggested by my neurologist to help discover which types of foods might be triggering my migraines. The migraine diet works really well with HCG because HCG was so limited on the types of foods and seasonings you could use. I thought, "What the hell! Kill two birds with one stone. Lose weight and figure this whole migraine thing out." I'm still not quite sure if it was the HCG that helped ease the headaches or being off all the trigger foods. I didn't have any headaches when I was pg with my last son and the one's I had while on HCG were mild in comparison.

    So I'm not just off the caffeine and I still drink coffee of the decaf variety. No tyramines which means no processed meats. No sulfites which means most fermented alcohol with any color. No MSG and another whole list of fruits, like bananas, citrus and pineapple. I didn't give up lemons which I use for flavor in P2, but I should. No chocolate, but I cheat with the cocoa crack and mug cake. My migraines are much better since I did p2, but they are not gone. I have many other triggers them besides just food, hormones being the biggest culprit.
  5. Zami
    Have you talked to Colleen (Grammy) about your migraine findings? She used to have really bad ones too. I bet it would interesting for you two to trade notes. Wow... that's a LOT of foods to avoid. Then again, I don't eat processed anything anymore really, definitely no MSG... I still eat P3 on P4 really. Why do you feel you need to give up lemons? I love me my lemons. So there's sulfites in alcohol? You mean like Rum? I'm not sure what you meant by "fermented alcohol". I rarely drink alcohol. Yeck. I do drink full strength strong caffeinated coffee though!

    I was getting annoying headaches all the time before hcg. Now I just get them before and with TOM - definitely hormone related. They're very manageable now. I'm lucky.
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