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  1. Zami
    Ok... we may not be skinny yet, but we're GOING to be! How are we going to deal with it?

    What's THE most important thing in your relationship? What has kept you together through thick and thin? (Strong)
    What do you use your brain for? What are you most proud of in terms of your smarts? (Smart)
    What do you most look forward to doing when you get to your goal weight? (Skinny) - Zami
    What true, life changes will you make to support this new, improved you? How do you see yourself differently because of this journey? - seattlegrl
    Who was the first music group/person you saw live? - seattlegrl
    What was you first reaction when you heard about the HCG protocol? - pattymelt
    What was the thing you thought you couldn't live without for 23/40 days? - pattymelt
    How long did it take you to make the decision that you were committed to do it? - pattymelt
  2. Paendora
    I'm going to answer some of these over coffee in the morning
  3. Zami
    Yippee!! We love answers! Everyone is always so fascinating!
  4. Beenz
    (Strong)Honesty, respect, patience and humor
    (Smart) To solve problems in my own life, and to be creative.
    (Skinny) - Zamihiking the Alps like I mean it. Last time-too much Achilles pain. Yodel-a-e-u!
    life changes... - seattlegrlI believe the most important thing so far has been identifying and stopping stress/emotional eating. Before that morsel's in my mouth I know if I'm hungry or-not.
    first music... - seattlegrlSting
    first reaction- pattymeltI thought it was the biggest load of BS, bunch of hooey, etc that I had ever possibly heard.
    couldn't live without for 23/40 days? - pattymeltI thought it would be chocolate, but it was cheese.
    make the decision that you were committed to do it? - pattymelt1 week.
  5. Beenz
    My question-who has been your greatest source of support?
    AND by the way-1000 characters is NOT enough!
  6. corbow
    Part I:

    (Strong) Acceptance, Honesty, Humor, Silliness... he's completely devoted to me.
    (Smart) Learning & putting lessons into practice, helping people with technical things, creative work.
    (Skinny) Buying clothes that fit, and rockin' my improved body!
    (Life Changes) Cooking more, relying less on prepared foods, and fitting in more exercise. I see myself as more capable & more organized & more disciplined.
    (First Music) Mom took me to John Denver (Helen Reddy was the opening act), Blood Sweat & Tears, and The Monkees but I can't recall which was first.
  7. corbow
    Part II:

    (First Reaction) Skepticism. I did online research before my first clinic appointment & decided it was worth a try.
    (Couldn't Live without) Milk, and half & Half in my coffee. Thank goodness for flavored stevia!
    (Decision to Commit) As soon as I gave the clinic my Visa card.
    (Greatest Source of Support) My husband, by far. Even for our anniversary he said he wanted to do something that didn't require eating out, so I could stay on protocol.
  8. Lbrace0317
    (Strong) Trust. We respect and support each other no matter what we choose to do.
    (Smart) Critical Thinking... I'm a good problem solver.
    (Skinny) Wearing a sequin bikini on the beach with my man.
    (life changes) Cooking more for sure. making fitness scheduled in my day like an appointment i must keep.
    (first music) oh god... this will show my age SPICE GIRLS
    (first reaction) I actually saw results before first.. I saw a client losing weight and I saw that she wasn't fainting and she didn't look sickly.. then i found out about the protocol and did over a month of research before I started.
    (couldn't live without) GUM!!!!!!!!! I still crave it.
    (decision to commit) before I purchased the HCG
    (greatest support) my sweet man... he's so proud of me.
  9. Paendora
    The only one I didn't answer on the old thread was the "what lifestyle changes..."

    I'm getting out of the house more and being more social.

    By getting out of the house, I mean Excercise and Outdoor Activities. Specifically, I'm shoping for a road bike. There's great roads out in the country, events to join, and I have a few friends that have rolled out the welcome mat. I'm excited to meet new people who won't know me as that 'girl who was fat' and get involved in a sport/activity that I can incorporate into trips other places. Cyclists always look so healthy!!

    And, I'm vowing to be more social. Went to hear a live band on Saturday night and saw sooo many people that I know. It was a blast, and I felt so comfortable. I'd declined years worth of invites because I didn't feel comfortable in my own skin. That's gotta change or the old thinking will talk those pounds right back on!
  10. corbow
    Lbrace, you're worried about showing your age with the Spice Girls being your first live music?!? I figured my first concerts (see above) would definitely age me!

    I was chatting with my two younger colleagues at work the other day about cars, and whether we preferred stick shift or automatic transmission... I stopped myself, then went ahead and said I hadn't owned an automatic since 1979.
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