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  1. Zami
    OMGosh! Well imagine that! I talked to him. He admited to having 3 kids and explained why he'd initially lied about it. He really, really wants me to like him. He didn't know how I'd react to his having kids. If you remember, there was also talk of a baby on the way. No, there is not "one on the way" and he has never been married. I'm still "with" him.. as much as I can be. I'm going back to see if he's "worthy" in about 3 1/2 weeks. Those girls turned out to be QUITE the busybodies. I stopped talking to them and decided to trust him. It was pretty obvious they were trying to hurt me, Christian and the relationsihp. Who knows why? Some people are crazy that way.

    A pastor! Wow. That's pretty rare. A pastor being married to someone that is on their third marriage. You must be quite a catch! hee hee

    Congratulations on a new round and welcome back!
  2. ladonna
    What's THE most important thing in your relationship? What has kept you together through thick and thin? Communication and transparency
    What do you use your brain for? What are you most proud of in terms of your smarts? I'm a manager by title, but a business analyst by nature. I use my brain mostly to solve problems, even those which are not a problem. I don't see much use for pride and least of all for how intelligent I may or may not be. I've never been accused of having a much in the way of common sense, but I do have street smarts, book smarts and problem solving capabilities.
    What do you most look forward to doing when you get to your goal weight? There isn't really anything I wouldn't do over weight that I ever quit doing because of the weight. I suppose it would be fun to wear a short skirt and take that man of mine dancing!
    What true, life changes will you make to support this new, improved you? How do you see yourself differently because of this journey? - I plan to eat more natural and less processed food. I haven't gotten to a place to where I see myself differently yet. Sometimes I run my hand across my legs and with something akin to shock feel like part of me is missing. My mind hasn't quite adjusted to the skinnier me. My mind hasn't caught up to the new me yet in some ways, but it's a journey and I'm still on it.
    Who was the first music group/person you saw live? - Bonjovi
    What was you first reaction when you heard about the HCG protocol? - No way in the world I could eat 500 calories and who in the world would inject their body with the HCG hormone?
    What was the thing you thought you couldn't live without for 23/40 days? - I always believed I could do anything for 30 days. I never questioned that I could do it. I'm nothing if not determined
    How long did it take you to make the decision that you were committed to do it? - 1 week to read the protocol (boring read and I had to buy into the science) , 2 weeks of research and another 3 weeks to get my mind wrapped around it.
  3. Zami
    Ladonna – Transparency. It's good to know that works for some men out there. Transparency is easy. Bon Jovi is way smexy. Thank you for your thoughtful answers!
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