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I'm back, starting a new round in August

  1. temily
    Well ladies, I see our little group has died out. Not sure if anyone will even check back in here but I'm starting things up again in August. I did a round about last August or September I think, did great, got down to my goal weight but over the last year I've gained almost all the weight back. I'm in the middle of a residency program and my free time is about zero for working out and my eating has been really crappy. I'll be back and posting on here if anyone is interested in getting our group going together again. I'll be checking back in soon!
  2. brendak2u
    Hi Emily,
    I'm excited to join your group. I'm sorry to hear you gained some weight back, that always seems to be my problem too.. I am on day 6 of VLCD, down 6.6 lbs, wish it were more.. I'm 5'10, starting weight was 176, goal weight is 150!!! I really need help on P3 and P4, so I'm glad to have an experienced HCGer to talk too..
  3. temily
    Hey! Sorry I didn't see this until now - I thought I had set this thing up to email me when I got replies. Anyway . . . glad to have you here! So you must be just about finishing up P2 now? I'd be glad to tell you what I know about P3 and P4.

  4. temily
    Oh and forgot to mention I'm starting to load today!!!!
  5. temily
    Ok, so actually didn't get to loading until Monday/Tuesday so today was the first vlcd. I was ok until just before lunch, then got hungry again mid afternoon but I know there is some adjustment time ahead of me so I think it'll be ok. Can't wait to get on the scale in the morning!
  6. temily
    VLCD day 2 - weighed 185.2 this morning! Down 3.6lbs from yesterday. Of course I won't expect these kinds of losses on a regular basis but it's nice to get a good jump start! Plus TOM started yesterday so I'm hoping by next week I'll be feeling less puffy.
  7. honay1013
    Hi there! I'm 5'10" so I hope that qualifies me for this group lol! I'm starting my 4th round after a 60lb loss ( and unfortunately a 20lb regain). Is there anyone who still uses this group?
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