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What is your success story with Triumph HCG

  1. Mswonderful4u
    If you have tried Triumph HCG please post here I want to read your successes and your struggles with this product. I am new to the drops and want to share best practices because I believe that this is a great product.
  2. Mistie
    Hey there! I just joined this group. I did Hcg diet, successfully, 6 years ago. I lost 25lbs and kept it off for 4 years... then I got remarried and had another baby. Since then I've been unable to lose the wieight. I even tried keto for 6 months. Last time I used NiGen drops but I can no longer find it. I have decided to try Triumph and am a day away from ordering but can't decide between 26 or 40. I need to lose 39 lbs but I'm worried about a long round. Do you have any advice? How are you liking the triumph?
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