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Just starting another round

  1. jbbryan
    I am excited to be starting another round of HCG. During my first go at it I used the drops, this time I am doing injections. I started off at 226.9 and I am now at 194.9. I can't wait to reach my goal. This time I started off sooooooo hungry. So I reloaded and went at it again. I lost a little bit of the ground that I gained the first week, but I am no longer hungry.
  2. SugarPie
    I am SO excited to start another round...I didn't think P3 and P4 would ever end!
    And congrats on being in onederland! Finally made it there myself on the last round (whew!). And right out of the door, I stabilized so well that I thought my scale was broken, as the numbers never changed from my LDW. That is, until this past week when I ended up with major edema during my TOM. This was the first time it has ever happened and I literally gained 5.4 pounds overnight. Even my wedding ring got a little tight, which is very odd. My ring was fitted for me 25 years ago when I weighed 128 pounds and it has never been re-sized, because even at 220+ pounds and through all of my pregnancies, my fingers remained the same size. So having this happen to my fingers all of a sudden is a bit perplexing.

    But anyway, I'm revved and ready to go another round. Today is R2P2D2 and I've lost all my load weight plus one pound, although still a bit over my LDW due to the edema. My goal for this round is to get in the 160's. We'll see....
  3. jbbryan
    Wow, good job! I can't wait to see the 160's!!! : ) I hope you get there this round....please keep me posted on how your doing!
  4. jbbryan
    Well....I said good bye to the 190's! I weighed in at 189.9 this morning!!! : )
  5. jest3572
    HI! im starting to laod today this is my first try at this so im hoping this works! I had the lap band in Jan and I did good till was able to eat again. once I could I didnt want to go back to vomiting so I never re filled it. so no I'm paying the price. Im starting at 189 before the load I'm hopind to end thhis round at around 165. Did you two do this without any cheats?
  6. eternnitty89
    Started again for round 2! Sad to say but I will admit that I gained 9 lbs in between :0( ! I'm ashamed but all I can do is move on. I'm ready to never make that mistake again. 1st round I lost 32 lbs. but gained 9lbs back! Now I have lost 5.4 on my 3rd day of 500 calories! I feel great and so happy to be here at this moment. My goal weight is 150 for now. We will see how I feel once I get there! I'm looking forward to having a life of no worries about my weight. I know we can do this. We just have to stay focused on the master plan. Thanks everyone for sharing this journey with me.
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