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Ladies how is everyone doing?

  1. jbbryan
    Thank you for joining the group! How is everyone doing? How long have you been on HCG? : )
  2. mommy24
    well....you know how i have been doing!! HOW ABOUT YOU...YOU NEED CRISTY AND MARY TO JOIN, DON'T YOU??
  3. jbbryan
    Yes, I do! I have asked Mary...maybe I will ask her again! : P Maybe we can get Cristy on here after she starts HCG. : )
  4. merimatt
    Hey guys just joined. Don't recognize your names, but here I am!
  5. salmat
    Hey guys, I did a 30 day round in October and about to start another round on Christmas (loading days). I lost 30+ lbs my first round and kind of fell off the maintenance wagon thereafter, oh well dust myself off and start again. I still have lots of weight to lose.
  6. eternnitty89
    Here I go again! Glad to be a part of this! Round 2! Gained 9 lbs back after 1st round but I'm here to start a new chapter and keep it moving!
  7. Chucklemethis
    Haha like a week late....but wasnt doing good then, now l feel lm on top of the world :P
  8. Jenn
    Is the group still active??? I am on R1P2VLCD12
  9. larkeheather
    Is anyone on this anymore? I would like to connect with some women on this diet.
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