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Origional Protocol P2, for vegans, sub meat for plain sunwarrior or pea pwdr

  1. Kansas
    **Update 12/4/2012 Ran out of sunwarrior and used ALL pea powder for protein. firstly it has 330 mg sodium per scoop and you need 2 daily on protocol and , maybe cuz its a legume, gas and smooth smooth movements ensued right after the ingestion of the Now pea powder protein by day 2. Switching to sunwarrior chocolate until the plain arrives( it has 3 grams sugar in 3 scoops, which you need for protocol-I mean to say 50-55 grams of protein in p2)

    I did not realize that some folks have not seen the real list of the only approved foods for P2.
    Alot of us, myself included, were given some crazy list by the pple who sold us the product.
    I used this from a Sr. Member of this site, Here is the link, go there and scroll down:


    Where is says meat: Substitute favourite Sun warrior plain with water & or fruit. Pea Protein Powder** can be used more sparingly as it has a ton of sodium in it.
    I have my vegie at dinner in a soup with spices and the pea powder protein and I'm totally satisfied.

    I feel it's very important to stay with the real protocol.(even though vegan IS not protocol) I know other put their twist on it but... if you spend so much time and $, why not do it rite?
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