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Real HCG Drops I trust

  1. Kansas
    Heres what I've used successfully: may have to play with dose for hunger
    1. discounthcgdiet used on round1
    2. gfchealthproducts curently using
    3. yourhcg.com just ordered, worked goo, came highly recommended by a user here **
    all have hcg 6 x 12x 30x 60x

    This week the co. sent out what I consider a "scare" email stating that all is on sale due to their supplier/manufacturer being scared off by fda. Sale price 60.00 a bottle or 2 for 120.00 SAME AS THE OLD PRICE I BOUGHT AT AND MUCH HIGHER THAN NORMAL. Now, they may be better drops?? have not tried yet. Just fyi
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