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Steak Day for Vegans: Hope you never need it.

  1. Kansas

    11/12/12 I can tell you now the sunwarrior plain only and pea protein are totally valid. I lost 13.5 lbs subbing them for meat. They still have much less fat that the meat eater program. AND the pea protein can be put into hot water with the vegies for a great tasting soup!
    UPDATE: When use pea protein as only source of protein per day(meaning usually I do 90 percent S.WArrior) cuz I ran out, I was bloated and gassy.

    Also, If/When I have to do a steak day. I'm gonna try a piece of tofurky sausage. It seems close to fat and protein like the meat eater, of course I'll do the apple. I may be able to have two links. Will post results here when I have them. Still on R2 P2 right nowUPDATE: this works for steak day up to 3 pieces. 10/13: Tofurkey works(2 pcs not 3, havent tried 3) as long as I fast. or 2 Boco burgers fried in CNO
    Alternative: have 50 gms or so of sunwarrior plain/choco mix in afternoon. Small tomato @ 5 pm w/ tofurkey, then tofurkey later. More like a protein day.

    ALTERNATIVE TO STEAK DAY: Nut Day: This is an odd one... you just eat nuts all day. Nuts must be eaten raw and choose nuts with the highest fat content. Concentrate on staying at 2500 calories for the day. You can mix any variation. Try eating some every hour as this will be quite satisfying. There is the added laxative benefit as well.
    I read this post by ldb69, she did not reference her source or say that she had tried it but its a great alternative to meat or soy proteins.
    If I ever try it, I'll update this post.

    Here is link: I do a diff. "steak day" email if you wanna know. http://hcgdietinfo.com/hcgdietforums...tml#post779138
  2. astrid starburst
    astrid starburst
    Thanks for posting the link,it's good to know there's an official word on the subject. I'm vegequarian so I've been eating fish on this diet..but it's tough going 'cos I'm not used to having it so often.
  3. Alexia
    the nut day totally works. I am mostly vegan but since egg white r the only thing that works more me in phase 2 i sometimes do and egge day. 3 whole eggs breakfast 3 for lunch and 3 for dinner. Always works also.
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