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  1. Kansas
    Origional review below:
    I have to lead with my EXTREME DISSAPOINTMENT IN
    I've been telling you and them, multiple calls, that there was not enuf hcg in the vial for the 29.5 injections they say.
    I'm on day 13 and I have one shot left.
    I called them and they told me I mixed less than 5 ml bac(if that was the case I'd be sick from that strong of shots and frankly, i feel nothing)
    then , they told me I spilled it and there is NOTHING they can do for me.
    thank God I have stuff from safemeds4all, 2000is, gotta read how to mix that for my insuline needles.
    If they would have sold it as a 2 week round, I could forgive but 150.00 for l3 days?

    Okay I ordered the 28 day kit, I paid the $40.00 xtra and it came next day
    1. you must be home to sign for it
    2. it doesnt come with a mixing bottle so you cannot add l0ml bac water(as suggested by our site) the supplies only allow you to mix 5 ml bac water so adjusting a dose is a little more difficult~also some have a theory that more bac water gives you better dispersion???
    2a. when you attempt to discuss #2 with them, they are responsive but clueless
    3. they recommend drawing/injecting to 17(which is 170 ius) when we all know you should START with 150 ius(not an issue, just draw 15)
    4. Next day shipping is Expensive, $40.00 for 2 reasons: It comes from a local area to you(for me 20 mins away) and they us USPS which is unreliable(mine worked out but)
    5. You can get these items cheaper if you get the supplies at missourimedical and the hcg from safeweb etc.
    1. Everything you need(unless you wanna mix as recommended on this forum) is in one box for 179.00 includes express ship
    2. Option for next day delivery
    3. Customer Service very responsive
    4. I love their videos at https://ushcginjections.com/ and on youtube. Simple and concise
    5. They say they have ongoing support, I don't know.
    6. You don't have to deal with customs
    7. you don't have to only use e check or visa as with some overseas companies

    Will let you know with updates what the experience is like, so far 24 minutes later , I can feel it.
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