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Vegan Protein on HCG: what's not okay, what's so so and what's great (i.e.sun warrior

  1. Kansas
    Here's a great link for Vegan Protein on the P2 Protocol
    Furthermore, the site in general has great tips(although, some of her recipes , while , they seem good, don't seem to be on protocol at all) But, good vegan info.

    Oh, scroll waaaaaaaaaaay down when you get to the above link to Protein. There is the vegan info you need.

    I had to track all this down so thank you to CBS for creating this "folder" for Vegans.
    Basically it's best to stay away from vegan alternative, soy burger type things, especially grains.
    Sunwarrior Plain is the best and can be used with Now Pea Powder( too much of this one, gassy) REMEMBER: 50-55 gms of protein per day on p2, then double it in p3 p4.
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