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Checking In

  1. DenverGirl
    Hi ladies. just checking in - - i've pretty much been at 1.8 lbs above LDW for the past week. Appetite is nil - I really have to force myself to eat. I have recognized how much I would just grab food if I was out and about. I had a business trip earlier this week and I was at the airport and realized how much I would stop and grab popcorn, have a drink on the plane or whatever - not even tempted these days. I can't wait to start round 2. Did anyone thats done multiple rounds, switch methods (i.e. injections vs pellets vs drops, etc.)? I'm seriously thinking of trying the pellets for round 2.

  2. hoping2losefat
    Hey DG....2 weeks of P3 completed for me and I've been holding steady 1.2 below LDW! I'm so happy in P3..I don't think I ever want to move to P4...I don't think I will. Starting my second round May 14th. I'm going to stick with injections though.
  3. DenverGirl
    Diana- that is awesome. Between the travel and TOM, my sleep is all jacked up. Hitting the hay early tonight and increasing the exercise as only 10 more days of P3 for me. I plan on approaching P4 cautiously.

    Are you doing another long round or short for your May start?

  4. hoping2losefat
    Thanks Staci! I find myself getting tired very early so I can't stay up like I used to before HCG. I've tried and end up falling asleep on the couch..lol. I do want to start exercising too but I'm scared of what the scale will say. I think I'll do a long round again. If I can lose these last 40 then I won't have to do this again. Thats what I'm hoping for. How much more do you have to lose? How long will your round be?
  5. DenverGirl
    I would like to lose another 40 (50 for a vanity weight) - so definitely 2 more rounds for me. I'm definitely going to try the pellets on the next round - depending how well I do, i may just extend like Brenda did on this last round.
  6. Jenn
    I am doing another round. Been holding my weight at 1 pound below LDW...but I think today after all I ave eaten I might be up! My big debate is if to do another round starting 4/29 so I can be done and moving into P3 when I am in CA or wait until after CA and start Memorial weekend. My issue with the later is my dad will be up here with us then helping on house remodels and then my mom will be coming up about mid June and we will have them here for over a month...REALLY do not want to explain the diet to my parents as they could freak on me....

    My appetite is very low and I do see now how much I would mindlessly eat out of boredom or frustration. I no longer crave sugary foods and crave meat and full meals. I really have not included breads or potatoes back. Everything else I get reduced sugar or non-sugar.

    Funny thing is we have had cupcakes and cookies out in the kitchen for days...I tried one cupcake (mini's) and spit it out since I thought it tasted icky...now that cracked me up!
  7. QTkat
    Hey ladies! Hope everyone is well, I am very excited as I am loading this weekend to start ROUND 3!! Funny how we are so ready to be in P3, then once you get to P4 all you want is to be in P2 and losing again lol. I am really hoping to get to my 70lbs lost goal this round so fingers crossed!!
  8. hoping2losefat
    Its true Kat.......I don't want to wait any longer! I'm dying over here, I just want to be in P2 again to start losing......I know I'll miss this food! Tomorrow is last day of P3 for me......not sure if I wanna move into P4. I've stabilized soo well and have never done a steak day yet. Good luck to you Kat! My P2 is not till May 14th!
  9. DenverGirl
    Kat - best of luck. Keep us posted on your progress. I won't start my next round until the end of May (probably about the time you are heading int P3). I'm definitely going to try the pellets this next round.

    Diana - I know how you feel about wanting to get back into losing mode. I've definitely found what causes me to gain. I start P4 next week, but I may cave a little on Easter Sunday. Travelling tomorrow, but looking forward to seeing my family.

    Have a great Easter everyone!
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