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Do you wear make up? And has it ever effected your weightloss?

  1. Smallclone
    Hi everyone, i'm kind of a newbie here but everyone seemede so nice i had to join haha

    To sum it up, I rely on make up more than air, i use foundation blush and mascara and i dont really give my face to breath. I'm on day 7 and ive been doing this whole diet atm without a pinch of make up, because im a bit self consious this has been the hardest part for me.

    Does anyone here wear make up and still lose weight? or does it increase the stall?
  2. hoping2losefat
    For the most part you should use oil-free makeup. I use mineral makeup so this has never been an issue for me. I also use oil-free moisturizer on my face.
  3. Jenn
    I used oil free tinted moisturizer and then powder over. I did bronzer, eyeliner and mascara. Never had an issue and lost 23 pounds on round 1.
  4. zeekman
    I so understand, I am very spoiled that I like nice beauty products...so that was very difficult. With my favorite brands I directly wrote the company and asked them what products I could use. They were all very responsive and helpful.....so do that. Start with the ones you use, and you may be surprised.
  5. Smallclone
    Thank you for the feedback everyone ive been using bio-detox from bourjous so far, its a creme foundation so i think im risking it a bit haha i'll have to do some research, if it makes me stall i'll order some recommended products, my wallet wont be too happy though haha
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